Saturday, May 2, 2009

Semi Completion

Lock-Up Stage

Lock-up means that your house will be full external, with all the stages, porches and stairs, as shown on the plan. All interior walls are framed, ready for plumbing and electrical work and trim. In the case of exposed ceilings, they will be aligned to the rafters pine T & G and lining board completely isolated.

Semi Completion

Half full is closed, the electricity and plumbing in the rough, laid the floor, including T & G, where the candidates, all linings, architraves, skirtings, doors and handles hung equipped, all cupboards, as shown on the building plan with a single shelf and hanging dress. Bathrooms and kitchens will be waterproofed and molested while awaiting fit-pc off and tiles.

Completion Stage

Completion means that your house will be full with the exception of normal sanitation and stormwater connections, painting, flooring and lighting. All other elements are included in our prices and have vanity units, white bathroom suites, quality bathroom, shower screens, towel, taps and mirrors. The walls are lined with plasterboard and cornices.

Skirting boards, architraves and interior doors are colonial style. All doors have premium door furniture, shelving and is equipped with all the wardrobe shown on the plan. Bathrooms and laundries are fully tiled, the latter having a stainless steel tank. More than enough hot water service is provided with light and sockets and laminated wood kitchen cabinets and a stove and quality accessories.

Lock-Up Standard Package

* Treatment of stem wood of pine, hardwood bearers and joist
* Land of soil particles (wetland quality)
* Dressed Radiata Pine Frame
* Sisal coating exterior walls
* Sisal roof
* Oregon Exposed beams, joists and rafters above
* Custom-orb Colorbond roofing, gutters and down to ground floor
* 'Hardiplank or western red cedar weatherboard cladding
* Solid wood panels Gateway
* Maple window blinds and rear doors (CMR)
* Custom made Solid maple staircase (the houses of two floors).
* Triangle gable windows custom maple
* Outside the Sydney metropolitan area, zone allowances apply.

Note: A 7 years guarantee insurance policy will apply to all the houses in our project, with a period of 3 months from the date of completion of the contract.

Options ... Please ask for more ...

* Tongue & Groove floor hardwood
* A selection of weatherbaords for a painted finish including Hardiplank, western red cedar, rough sawn, dressed and rusticated pine.
* Brick rustic finish, the concrete slab or strip footings
* Many varieties of window designs and finishes incl. Aluminum
* A selection of balastrading including pine pickets, son of stainless steel custom tuning aluminum or stainless steel
* A selection of handrails including pine and custom aluminum or stainless steel

Please inquire about any other design preferences you have in May.

Plans Packages

This is a service provided by Classic for customers who are either outside the construction zone or have the owner in May manufacturer or the owner wants to build

Classic Country Cottages to modify / create a new home for you and give you at once, building permits and all the detailed drawings, including specifications Classic Country Cottages for PC and inclusions. NOTE: Engineering is not included.

All requests must first be addressed to our office in NSW. (Click here to access the contact page).

Plans package from $ 6500.00 and we will contact you as one of our clients to provide the best reception. This gives you the freedom to modify inclusions, choose your builder, you attend to objects etc etc. It is ideal for people out of the way or places with the desire to immerse themselves in the construction of their new home.

Handled carefully, it can save money and to provide an even more personal design. If you choose a style you will be able to see any construction or under construction.

Inquiries should be by email or telephone as a plan of all sales are considered on a case by case basis.

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