Friday, December 21, 2012

The forms generated by the volume that is responsive to the use and results Architectonics


The forms generated by the volume that is responsive to the use and results Architectonics of the orientational direction, protecting the building from the harsh western sun and the morning sun filtering. Double the volume of informal space that connects the upper level sleeping area and the lower level guest facilities, creating a variety of spaces at their junctions that allow for casual interaction between residents. External Finish is stainless steel cladding and oxidized copper panels with glass balustrades. Internally, a major influx of two-storey high main focus in which all the internal spin space, featuring large rooflight elliptical, circular staircase and beveled glass curtain wall. Interior finishes scheme combines the warm tones of natural stone with black accents, granite marble and glass. (Source: Omiros One Architecture)

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Creative Home Design Cluster

A Creative Home Design Cluster To set the home makeover ideas to suit many tastes, check this lot with designer Olga Kataevskaya........ read more>>>>>>

Friday, September 21, 2012

Home Design Office

11,279 Photos Home Design Office Gone are the days when it was frowned upon to bring work home. Now-a-days the house is not a home unless it has a home office. Do you change into an extra bedroom workspace with store bought furniture or constructing a full scale two level library and office, home offices are a regular part of what makes home home. Find design ideas home office here.for learn more>>>>

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modern beach house minimalist

Modern beach house is located off the coast and islands, perfect for celebrating summer with modern curves. Modern beach house with contemporary compositions - The Beach House by a company Palabritas Metropolis Peru focused on the aesthetic views of the sea, but the modern 60's inspired. The whole house has a white finish with red accents, the two major elements such as swimming pools and furniture.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

dijual tanah+ bangunan luas 2121m2 dekat kampus UMY terpadu

dijual tanah dan bangunan seluas 2121m2 dengan harga 125/m2 SHM atas nama sendiri lokasi dekat kampus Umy terpadu mobil masuk

Alamat :kanigoro rt01/35 ambarketawang,gamping,sleman,yogyakarta



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Aura is the elegant doors

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso to Rimadesio, Aura is the elegant doors that are just perfect for the minimalist or modern interior. Consists of structures with aluminum frame, faced with glass varnished on both sides, further characterized by measuring grip lavishly produced mainly from pressure die-cast metal alloy and equipped with a front glass varnished trim the same color as the leaves. Aura closed thanks to an innovative system completely invisible magnet that does not require the use of traditional keys. Aura is available in two versions: with magnetic closure profile (without key) and the lock comes with a key locking pawlor.

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With a population growth of the local tourist

With a population growth of the local tourist ce? I was largely increased in recent decades. EAA architects are concerned with the loss of my cultural identity and Ce 7800? Is as inconspicuous as possible into the landscape. This growth is unpredictable, inevitable changes in the physical and sociological settings in Cesme 7800 the project was developed through an increasing design trend is seen as problematic ...

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rumah DIJUAL Catalina Cluster Graha Raya

Rumah dijual Catalina Cluster Graha Raya, aman, nyaman, tenang, bersih, dan rapi. 5 menit ke gerbang tol KMR tidur siang sutera.Lt / B: 96/51, 2, dapur, taman.

lisensi pialang

Kamar tidur: 2
Kamar Mandi: 1
Garasi: 1
Luas lahan: 96
Luas Bangunan: 51
Lantai berapa? 1
Bangunan ini menghadap: Timur

Daya: 1300 Watt
Sumber air: Pam
Apakah mobil pergi? masuk
Dirilis banjir? Potong tanpa banjir
Rp. 480 juta
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Penjualan: Cinere-Depok daerah minim
Penjualan rumah (konversi NO)
JL. MADRASAH NO. 2A, RT 3 7 Mei sembilan KRUKUT, sub-limusin Depok.

- 103 M2 daerah
- Membangun daerah - / + 130 M2 (UP-DOWN)
- 4 kamar tidur
- Kamar mandi 2
- 1 AC

Layer 1:
- 3 kamar tidur
- Kamar mandi 2
- Sebuah garasi
- Sebuah dapur

Layer 2:
- 1 Kamar Planner
- Setiap hari, bukan pakaian + jemuran

Harga RP. 4000000
Bisa tawar-menawar!

E-mail gambar, aja yaaa Untuk mengirim pesan!

Hubungin kasus yang menarik:
Lilis Ibu: 0217531458/085710478186


interior dapur

Contoh minimalis interior dapur desain. Semua bisa masuk DFG / yang Dfglkl. Dkgd; lkhl, df, KH, flhgkf;; lfkh, tidak ok untuk piring, lampu pokoke semua lahhhhh

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