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Stainless steel farmers in Holland Home

Stainless steel farmers in Holland




Copper farmers from Turkey


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Furnished and Design showroom garden

Furnished, and the design is an exciting new design is based on the house Poortvliet, The Netherlands. Bert Koelman and Eric Manneken are partners and both have long experience in the Horticultural Industry in Holland. Their design concepts and ideas, stainless steel - of their favourite raw material - are innovative and rare quality of the manufacture and design.

Their philosophy of clean lines and simple, but perfectly proportioned, trademarks, furniture, farmers and containers and other special units.

Stainless steel is a Class 316, with a thickness of 2.5 mm. The finalisation of all the welded seams and corners are invariably invisible and beautifully polished a certain amount of the purity of the full, so that all the lines, angles and the overall visual appearance of each piece is perfect.

For example, Amahusu vase HDD04 0050 and the crinkle effect of the justification is simply amazing how the light reflects off a soft rolls of steel. This effect has also been used to the table feet for Amahus / Belgo table in its dark grey Belgian granite stone top. The steel legs have been drawn up through the tabletop and cut Rinse the surface seamlessly with precision. A perfect simple but very beautiful table.

Please see below the current range of HD & D range of stainless steel pieces exterior or interior use.

For more information about price and other custom-made specifications please contact Catriona McLean, or link directly to HD & D. The prices are quoted on the ex only, and all quotations has been studied in the design of the requests.

HD & D exhibition is Gafa Fair in Cologne (September) and the Fifth Room (London September), and to plan to present their activities in the European trade fairs in 2005.

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Design Fee Schedule

Design Fee Schedule

Custom Home Design vs. purchase of the finished "Stock Plans"

You have two options: to design:

1. Pre-designed or "Stock" Plans: If you are lucky enough to find a plan that closely with the needs of your family and to meet its own vision of a beautiful architectural style, the "Stock Plans" are the cheapest and fastest way to move forward. We now have a "Stock Plans", which is based on our most popular models. Click here to see the stock plans at this time. We are currently producing one of the new stock plan for a month.

2. Custom-designed House Plans: If your needs are not met, one new stock plans, and then click Custom Design is a way to meet these special needs and vision for a new home. These special needs can be due to abnormally high number of the location, size and / or slope. Or maybe the way of life requires an unusual design. We are going to create a Custom Design, which meets these needs. My design leads to the home, which is a beautiful, healthy place to live, and the source of pride for you and your family.

The Schematic Design plan is a critical part of the creative planning. It includes a floor plan, the very heart of a new home. It also includes the architectural style of the facade, or "Front Elevation", which reflects the designer's creativity and aesthetic vision.

Production "Architectural Drawings Construction Set" is a computerized drafting stage. This step will produce detailed architectural drawings of the construction necessary for the construction of a new home and the application for a permit to build in their own locale.

Price: SCHEMATIC design (Floor plans and the facade Elevation Design):

Our Quality Standard Design Service gives you a pre-Schematic Design-5 weeks.
Throughout the house, * Price per square foot is covered by a roof
5,000 square feet & above $ 0.95 per square foot in
3000-4999 square feet of $ 1.15 per square foot in
2000-2999 square feet of $ 1.35 per square foot in

Our New Express Design Service gives you a pre-Schematic Design, only two (2) weeks.
Throughout the house, * Price per square foot is covered by a roof
5,000 square feet & above $ 1.25 per square foot in
3000-4999 square feet of $ 1.45 per square foot in
2000-2999 square feet of $ 1.65 per square foot in

* Friday square foot in costs of the design of lower house has been higher than the increased effort necessary to create an efficient design, which restricts the region. Our salaries (per square foot in) are the smallest of homes, which are greater than 5000 square feet.

All the calculations of the region are the "roof" - including the air-conditioned / heated space and cover all the Porches, covered balconies, garages, gazebos, storage areas, etc., but not in the open patios, open decks, and the attic.

When we have gone through two major amendments, and you decide to make the large majority of the amendments, there is a fee based on how wide-ranging review, it is and how far we have together to produce the final plans and korkeusasemat. A major revision of typically comprises more than 20% change in the planning. There will never be the additional costs or work without the user's written approval of this work. There are no fees slight amendments, as long as they take place before the creation of construction drawings.

Unlike many designers, we believe that we should not get the total design of the fees until the customer has seen significant progress. Consequently, we ask the fifty per cent (50%) is listed on fees in advance, when the final payment of fifty prosentin due to receipt of the approved floor plan layout. Vastaanottamisen after the 2nd half in return for payment, we will move forward to complete and give the facade a design elevation.

Architectural drawings CONSTRUCTION SET: These are the construction drawings are needed, when he applies for a building permit.

Payments Standard Service production of Architectural Construction Drawings: $ 2.00 per square foot is covered by a roof. The estimated time for completion is 6 weeks.

Payments Express Service production of Architectural Construction Drawings: $ 3.00 per square foot is covered by a roof. The estimated time for completion is 2 weeks.

Bullets For the remaining 3 korkeusasemat (3 NEW DRAWINGS - Rear, left and right Sides) PLUS ROOF PLAN AND DESIGN:
The remaining 3 Elevations, and the roof design are involved in the production of the Construction Drawings Set. However, in cases where there is not going to be planning a service in preparing Construction Drawings Set, we can create the remaining 3 Elevations and the roof of Design in order to Design Development. The cost for this service is $ 0.50 per square foot in "ceiling".
For the slopes of LOTS or irregular LOTS: Price is $ 0.55 per square foot in "the roof" when ordering the side and rear walls korkeusasemat package.

Computer 3D renderings PERSPECTIVE (OPTIONAL) - photo-realistic images:
From 2D Cad-Files: starts at $ 600
From Hand-rendered drawings of the starts at $ 1200 (plus you get 2D files as well)
The sample is the point of view of the 3D model

Outsiders animation or INTERIOR Walk-THROUGHS (optional):
From 2D Cad-Files: starts at $ 1800

Special orders, such as computer-generated aspects of the fly-overs and Walk-throughs to require payment in advance. We sub-contract this work to third parties.

FOR criticisms of existing plans call for consultation.

For more information about SCOPE our services and to know what has been included in each kit, please click here. If you want to learn to step Custom-designed a new home, please click here.

Important note: If such services are necessary, the fee is a structural engineering computations and the signing of the plans is a licensed structural engineer oman state. This may be necessary because of sloping terrain, soil conditions, seismic environment, snow, rain or wind, loading the environment or by using a non-standard structural design, the cantilever, for example, pre-and post-tensioned structural factors supported for a long time to share. There may also be other conditions which would make it advisable or required to use the structural engineers for structural design. These charges are typically $ 1.00 $ 3.00 per square foot is covered by a roof.

See a gallery, we custom-designed homes.

Two-storey ultra-modern House

Two-storey ultra-modern House

Ultra modern design
Front View

Ultra modern residential architecture
And left rear

Click here to see an animation outside
(for broadband users only)

Ultra Modern Home Design

Ultra Modern House Plans
View Room

Ultra Modern Home Plans
Dining room and kitchen

Ultra modern floor plans
Restaurants / Life

Click on the images above inside to see larger images.

Click here to see an interior walk-Thru
(for broadband users only)

Click here to see Plan Ground Floor

Click here to see the second floor plan

Instantly recognized not yet know, the architecture of the two-storey ultra-modern House actually gives people something to talk. The structure theatrical forms define the many corners of the house. Bold stripes of bright red and yellow hitting the house gives a new look. The chrome railings and wide from floor to ceiling windows express the wonders of life comfortable.

Can not decide? Download our free client requirements form to take the first step towards planning your dream house!

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apartment inside inspiration for the design minimalist lover

It is an apartment inside inspiration for the design minimalist lover, that the apartment located in Midtown Manhattan is decorated by Christopher Coleman. I love this procedure, it is clean with natural light and have an incredible combination of colours. You can see the lounge, bar and kitchen, office, bedroom and bathroom. Personally, I like the kitchen bar and the office inside the room is simple, but research luxurious and elegant. If you're looking for a minimalist interior with a strong futuristic style, I hope that this photo may give you any inspirtion.

minimalist bar and kitchen

home in a modern residential area of Tokyo

This new family home in a modern residential area of Tokyo which also called Parable House is a large modern Minimalis House which was designed by Japanese architect Tekuto Workshop Yasuhiro Yamashita, House of the parable is located in an area Residential calm surrounded by nature. 6m wide and 27m long, it is a long and narrow site, which was built 3m above the road, so that on clear days, he enjoys views of Mount Fuji.

As the client's family spends most of the day in the living room, this room was located on the top floor, which enjoys panoramic views. To exploit fully the length of the site, a fake was built in front of the building.

Up front, it is supported by cantilever on which the exhibition is located and which are covered by a roof parabolic which softens the color space.Splashes to provide a contrast to the environment undulating white, giving the pace at the space.

The flow "three dimensions" ceiling, which rises and dips at various levels of arrivals, arouses mixed feelings of "tension" and "liberation" and gives the room a sense of unlimited.

Thus, even during the observation room a fixed position, the density fluctuations invokes a sense of movement, which guides the observer unconsciously through and beyond the limits of room, as if after the movement 's air, giving the impression of endless space.

Credit by Makoto Yoshida

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Modern Design Home

Modern Design Home
Modern styles can create endless types of home design, because each room in a house can be some form of interior design modernization. Even the exterior of a house, including the backyards and gardens, can also be the themes of the modern home design.

Modern design may have an impact on everything that is not traditional, old or outdated. Anything new, innovative and can be used as fashionable in the modern world. Note however, that some people take a limited view of modern design, with the term only if in modern times. This more limited reading of the modern concept shies away from ornamental detail or something and sticks to simple lines and shapes.

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Interior Design Photos
Showing 20000 design and decoration photos for every room in the house.

Modern kitchen
Join discussions & Answers can be found on iVillage - the Women's Network.

Delivered ideas
Direct to you inbox Let us inspire each month!

While some modern home design projects are easy and can be quickly through the property owners themselves, others are more complex projects requires that the know-how of a contractor or architect. For example, new color can be a do-it-yourself modernization project, while replacing carpet with hardwood floors or a completely new modern bathrooms could require the services of an expert.

Popular modern home design elements are:

* Ceiling fans and lighting
* Clear lines and polished surfaces
* Windows expansionary
* Geometric shapes
* Hardwood or tile floor
* Neutral coloring
* Solar lighting.

Modern Design at home can even furniture in this can be re-upholstered furniture and / or re-use accessorized (ie with pillows, candles, etc.).

No matter what kind of modern home design project you are looking for our modern home design section will provide valuable information for you.
In collaboration with an architect
In collaboration with an architect can afford modern home design much easier and more efficient. Architects are in modern design at home and will probably have suggestions to make your project is still better than you have planned. In fact, architects often have strategies to ensure that clear lines and shapes with modern design is not at home or little stiff.

For the modernization projects that are easy to update or home certain aspects, an architect can still on assistance, particularly for people who want a project to be done quickly and efficiently.

While it is likely additional costs for a project, you can save a lot of time and headache by collaborating with an architect.
Green Home Design
Green home design is increasingly popular because the people have more awareness of the environment and how much to cause harm people. By adding environmentally friendly appliances to your home, you can use it effectively to modernize and to a green home design.

Here are some of the most popular aspects of modern design green house:

* Planking for cork floors, are not formaldehyde
* Floors and panelling from certified forests as "managed responsibly"
* LED or solar panels light
* Radiant heat heating pipes snake through the floors to heat a house
* Recycelten materials.

These are just some of the possibilities of green home design. Remember that most projects where converting a house in a more environmentally friendly city requires a consultation with an environmental expert.

While the costs can be high initially for some of these projects, the additional efficiency and environmental benefits make it worthwhile venture in green home design.

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designed room is like a work of art

A well-designed room is like a work of art. It will require a professional touch and experience, I know what works best for you. Swags Classic interior designs have been interior design company, dedicated to helping you to make your home or subscribe to a beautiful, comfortable environment.

We will design an attractive, affordable space has been designed specifically to respond to oman way of life needs. Whether you're redesigning a single room or building a new home, and Swags designers use the creative eye and artistic flair, Transform Your vision of a unique, eye-catching and, most importantly, the operational realties.

Serving the Greater Houston Area, Swags has been to create a beautiful and distinctive interiors for more than 18 years. I voted against the Top 10 Best Design Company, Houston!

Total renovation!

Total renovation!
The owners bought an existing home and decided to add a three-garage and a two-story addition. The first floor is also a Great room with bath and complete the second floor is a master bedroom with bathroom, jacuzzi finished with lime tile on the floors and walls. The main house was renovated inside with a gate before and vaulted ceiling in the family with an added extra 400 square feet of living space. The renovation added a total added 2700 the existing home.

For more information please send us an email at:

Modern Prefab directory

A Modern Prefab directory -
FlatPak House - a modern prefab FlatPak by.
FlatPak house FlatPak
More than prefabricated houses
Latest adds: Jeriko House.PieceHomes.E cube Prefab.

More ... is a repertory of modern style catalogue of prefabricated houses. We provide information, images, data model and contact information for a large number of prefabricated houses the newest and their modern minialist home design.

1. Sailing Home 26 different models prefabricated modern designers in one place.
2. View images, specifications, information and details for more than 50 different homes.
3. Read the original content in 'Prefab see "- now: An interview with the architect Charlie Lazor on FlatPak New!
4. Browse a selection of newspaper articles in our archives.

Being Green! Building a house pre-fab is Earth Friendly. Prefabrication techniques to reduce waste, improve manufacturing and construction efficiency, and generally include durable materials and energy efficiency. What else can you do?

1. Use less energy and reduce CO2 emissions - on foot, by bicycle, use public transportation, driving a car, energy-efficient use less energy at home (lighting, appliances and HVAC systems, insulation, use less).
2. Recycle - consumables and biodegradable waste, recycling of consumer goods (clothes, car donation, electronics recycling).

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One of the three older adults falls each year. Many of them belong to at home. Some of them are dying. There are many ways to prevent people from falling in your home. Install handrails, stairs is one of them. The more handrails you have, the lower your risk of falling.

You do not have to be old to use the handrail. Children who are new to walking would have been lost without them. So should teenagers who are binding up the stairs, taking two steps at a time. Handrails are a good friend to those who have back or knee trouble. They are literally saving lives, many older people who are poor balance.

Put handrails on each stairway you have. Remember to set the handrails on both sides of these stairways. Even one more step needs a handrail. If you have a very broad stairway, put one handrail in the center.



Root now, all of your house is likely to use the toilet themselves. But it may not always be the case. Your teenager could sprain of his back. Some day, you may be pelvic surgery. Your mother could break the hip. All of these events could make it hard that someone using a toilet on their own.

Do you feel sick and reduce the severity of only think need help to use the toilet? Then the plan for the future. Make some changes now so that the bathroom remains in a private place you want to be.
Elevated toilets

First, contact your tape measure into your bathroom. Measure the distance from the beginning of the toilet seat in the floor. Is it 14 inches? Many of them are. This toilet may be too low. WC, that sits 17 inches, the floor is easier to use.

Toilets that sit high off the ground, are not only a public rest rooms. They are now appearing in private homes. These toilets to make less strain on your feet, knees, and back again. Tall people find them easier to use. And some people say that they work better. Water in the toilet is a deeper, so the waves better.

If you think the toilets seems to be a bit too high, check the new toilets to catch a wall. You'll be happy to take these toilets and a height that works best for you. The new design is also the liking of the person who cleans its own bathroom. To the toilet off the floor makes cleaning this area a breeze.

When you buy a new toilet, to pick up a certain amount of grab bars at the same time. Put these stick to the bars around the toilet area. The grab bars will help you to sit down the toilet out and get again. Search for grab bars, that the pivot hinge. You can drag these grab bars near the toilet: the family member who needs support. Then, push them away, so that they do not receive in the way of another family member.

Redoing your bathroom? Leave for at least 18 inches of available space at the top of the toilet. Leave for at least 42 inches, the floor of the toilet. This extra space will help the person move to a wheelchair and toilet.
WC Life You Have

It is not market a new toilet? Ask the plumber to make a small platform of the toilet you have. This will make it higher. You can also buy the place, that raises the height of its own toilet. The seat is based on the top of the toilet you have. Find a place that considers its own toilet plastic screws. This place does not move or slip when someone sits down. And you can take it from the toilet, if another member of the family does not need it. Such a place can lift the toilet seat, 4-6 inches.

Some people have problems with access to certain areas of their body. This makes it more difficult to clean their own after they use the toilet. Buying a special place bidet toilet you can help. These sites can accommodate up in the toilet seat. Push button to change them. They offer a warm water washed and dried the air, that the private areas.


Anti-Scald devices
Burns water can happen to anyone. AARP and offers information on anti-scald devices for the shower, tub and sink.

Bathroom Checklist
From shower Bathtub Well, here's a checklist to help you see how your bathroom design to match your family's changing needs.

Bathroom Phones
A bathroom phone may be a necessity. AARP explains the type of phone to get.

The right bathing tub makes it much easier, whether you're young or old. AARP Tips on choosing a new bathtub that is easy to use and make sure your old bathtub.

Grab Bars
In addition to the security of supply grab bars, they are now enough colors to satisfy our bathroom decor. AARP describes how to select and install grab bars.

Showers hand
Shower heads need not be six feet from the wall. Showers hand meet the needs of the whole family

Pocket Doors
Pocket doors facilitate entry into rooms and expand the usable space. Here's how they work and what to look for when buying one.

Traffic in a bathtub for an appointment shower is easier than you think. AARP gives you some tips to choose and equip a ready-to-install shower and accessories.

Wells and Vanities
Is your bathroom sink convenient for everyone in the family? Tips for choosing a sink or vanity that each family member is easy to use.

When creaky knees or get you sprain your back, using the toilet can be a challenge. There are toilets, modifications and devices that can make it easier.