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Root now, all of your house is likely to use the toilet themselves. But it may not always be the case. Your teenager could sprain of his back. Some day, you may be pelvic surgery. Your mother could break the hip. All of these events could make it hard that someone using a toilet on their own.

Do you feel sick and reduce the severity of only think need help to use the toilet? Then the plan for the future. Make some changes now so that the bathroom remains in a private place you want to be.
Elevated toilets

First, contact your tape measure into your bathroom. Measure the distance from the beginning of the toilet seat in the floor. Is it 14 inches? Many of them are. This toilet may be too low. WC, that sits 17 inches, the floor is easier to use.

Toilets that sit high off the ground, are not only a public rest rooms. They are now appearing in private homes. These toilets to make less strain on your feet, knees, and back again. Tall people find them easier to use. And some people say that they work better. Water in the toilet is a deeper, so the waves better.

If you think the toilets seems to be a bit too high, check the new toilets to catch a wall. You'll be happy to take these toilets and a height that works best for you. The new design is also the liking of the person who cleans its own bathroom. To the toilet off the floor makes cleaning this area a breeze.

When you buy a new toilet, to pick up a certain amount of grab bars at the same time. Put these stick to the bars around the toilet area. The grab bars will help you to sit down the toilet out and get again. Search for grab bars, that the pivot hinge. You can drag these grab bars near the toilet: the family member who needs support. Then, push them away, so that they do not receive in the way of another family member.

Redoing your bathroom? Leave for at least 18 inches of available space at the top of the toilet. Leave for at least 42 inches, the floor of the toilet. This extra space will help the person move to a wheelchair and toilet.
WC Life You Have

It is not market a new toilet? Ask the plumber to make a small platform of the toilet you have. This will make it higher. You can also buy the place, that raises the height of its own toilet. The seat is based on the top of the toilet you have. Find a place that considers its own toilet plastic screws. This place does not move or slip when someone sits down. And you can take it from the toilet, if another member of the family does not need it. Such a place can lift the toilet seat, 4-6 inches.

Some people have problems with access to certain areas of their body. This makes it more difficult to clean their own after they use the toilet. Buying a special place bidet toilet you can help. These sites can accommodate up in the toilet seat. Push button to change them. They offer a warm water washed and dried the air, that the private areas.

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