Sunday, July 13, 2008

home in a modern residential area of Tokyo

This new family home in a modern residential area of Tokyo which also called Parable House is a large modern Minimalis House which was designed by Japanese architect Tekuto Workshop Yasuhiro Yamashita, House of the parable is located in an area Residential calm surrounded by nature. 6m wide and 27m long, it is a long and narrow site, which was built 3m above the road, so that on clear days, he enjoys views of Mount Fuji.

As the client's family spends most of the day in the living room, this room was located on the top floor, which enjoys panoramic views. To exploit fully the length of the site, a fake was built in front of the building.

Up front, it is supported by cantilever on which the exhibition is located and which are covered by a roof parabolic which softens the color space.Splashes to provide a contrast to the environment undulating white, giving the pace at the space.

The flow "three dimensions" ceiling, which rises and dips at various levels of arrivals, arouses mixed feelings of "tension" and "liberation" and gives the room a sense of unlimited.

Thus, even during the observation room a fixed position, the density fluctuations invokes a sense of movement, which guides the observer unconsciously through and beyond the limits of room, as if after the movement 's air, giving the impression of endless space.

Credit by Makoto Yoshida

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