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souteern design

Southern Classic Design

Southern Classic Design Process & Philosophy

Proper home design should be about the balanced matrimonial site, shape, function, durability and price. The right combination of these factors are crucial in the planning of a large home.

A home site has many inherent properties such as size, shape, topography, views, orientation, and drainage applications - as well as the location of surrounding houses and trees. Each of these may limit or enhance a design and should be considered early in the planning process. Although we can not control the characteristics of a site, we certainly can give the home plans to maximize its use and enjoyment. Home sites are static - designs are infinite.

Form of a home, or what it looks and feels like the inside and out is extremely important to most homeowners. This is what makes us "feel good home" and have a great impact on our sense of style. Form or a home begins with its overall massing and space planning and ending with the smallest detail and decoration. The goal is to capture the essence of the owner's style using classic design features. This allows the home to remain fresh and elegant, while aging gracefully.

Our plans are much more than conceptual renderings. Every aspect is drawn to scale and fully dimensioned. Profiles and information are level-specific and is equipped to ensure that the desired appearance and proportion, inside and out, will actually be achieved. We are proud not only in our design, but also the quality of our plans.

The function of a home or how it should be used is perhaps the most important design factor, but is often overshadowed by other factors such as style or cost. Prolonged use and daily livability should be considered. A long-term home should be able to support the changing needs of the baby to have children all the way through the empty services phase. It may be necessary to bring the optimal design for a phase in order to strengthen the livability another. This may involve decisions on the location of the master suite, the availability of playroom or functions needed for a future pool. Whatever the long-term needs, the design of the home should also improve their daily life.

All of our designs, both large and small, function properly bedroom separation, larger hallways, wider door openings and kitchen work. Indeed, all our designs feature more generous "minimum size" throughout. Closet doors, windows, bedroom items, and the door swing areas are designed to allow optimal furniture placement and turnover. All our presentation drawings include furniture layouts to scale and to illustrate how a particular place, may be used. Whether you are looking for a starter measures home, a family home, a vacation home or an empty home services, questions about the functioning and livability should be weighted heavily in the planning process.

The shelf life of a home often determines whether we will spend our leisure time and enjoy the resources or maintenance. It starts with a proper structural design to maximize stability and give the impression of a "permanent home". It also tag design included inputs and Porches to shed water and weather away, choice of materials and products that can handle the elements. Homes designed and built for longevity may cost a little more up front but are much cheaper in the long run. More durable homes cheaper to maintain and also have higher resale values. Even questions about the durability and livability are usually strengthened simultaneously. The most loved and wanted back, like everything else, tend to be those that require less maintenance. Our homes are designed to stand the test of time both physically and aesthetically.

The cost of a home affected by all these design factors. It is certainly more economical to build on a flat dry place than on a steep or wet site. The style and features of a home, the materials used and the effectiveness of the design will also have a major impact on the total cost. As you can see, we love to design houses, small and big, with plenty of Porches and garages, classic detail and gracious interior dimensions. We also wish to use the tried and true materials and we do not skimp on structural elements such as foundations and framing. Efficiency and value of our plans are not made by simply delete functions ... it is created by offering these features in a true economic and buildable format. Because the costs will affect all decisions in the design and construction, it is important to understand how specific elements actually affect the cost and to adopt a realistic budget early in the planning stage.

Determining the right balance of these factors as they relate to your individual needs will have a major impact on livability value and enjoyment of your home. Choosing a quality design with an excellent set of plans is key to building a great home!
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Tip 45 Desain Rumah

Tip 45 Desain Rumah, Kumpulan Gambar Denah Rumah 1 Lantai (110 sd 160m2)

6 Mei 2008 di Annahape, Desain Arsitektur, Rumah Minimalis | Tags: contoh denah rumah, contoh gambar rumah, Denah Rumah, Desain Arsitektur, desain rumah, desain rumah idaman, Desain Rumah Minimalis, Desain Rumah Tinggal, gambar rumah, Layout rumah idaman Rumah, Rumah Minimalis

Anda mungkin dalam mendesign rumah. Karena harus menyesuaikan dengan dana, Anda memilih rumah ukuran sedang antara 100 hingga 150 m2. Dan sekarang anda sedang mencari contoh denah rumah sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda. Biasanya yang dibutuhkan 2 atau 3 kamar tidur, 2 km mandi, ruang tamu, dapur, ruang makan dan garasi. Satu lantai rumah.

Mungkin beberapa denah rumah di bawah ini dapat membantu.

1-lantai rumah memiliki beberapa keunggulan. Biaya pasti lebih murah daripada bangunan 2 lantai, karena biaya struktur rumah lebih sedikit. Selain itu, mobilitas anggota keluarga yang berada di lantai, akan menciptakan keintiman. Untuk orang tua, 1-lantai rumah adalah pilihan yang tepat, untuk menghindari kesulitan naik dan turun tangga.

Denah ini saya ambil dari Dan oleh karena itu besarnya sketsa dalam ukuran kaki (kaki). Hanya membantu, saya kirimkan informasi yang panjang, dan luasannya dalam ukuran meter. Sedangkan ukuran ruangan masih ukuran asli kaki. Jika Anda ingin mengubah dalam ukuran meter, Anda cukup dengan mengkalikannya faktor 0,3084. Misalnya, 30 feets, × 30 = 0.30.84 = 9,14 m.

Berikut adalah beberapa sketsa saya pilihkan untuk Anda.

Peta Wilayah Rumah 113,7 m2 (11 × 10m)

Peta Wilayah House 130 m2 (15,2 × 8,5 m)

Peta Wilayah Rumah 140,5 m2 (16,5 × 8,5 m)

Peta Wilayah Rumah 140,5 m2 (16,5 × 8,5 m)

Peta Wilayah rumah 140,5 m2 (16,5 × 8,5 m)

Peta Wilayah rumah 154,8 m2 (15,1 × 10,2 m)

Peta Wilayah rumah 159,3 m2 (14,9 × 10,7 m)

Peta Wilayah rumah 161,1 m2 (15,5 × 10,4 m)

Jangan lupa, cetak biru yang dibuat oleh arsiteknya untuk keluarga di Amerika Serikat. Dalam banyak kasus, denah tersebut belum memenuhi kebutuhan rumah tangga di Indonesia pada umumnya. Keluarga di Indonesia, biasanya memerlukan tambahan kamar pembantu. Selain itu dapur kotor, karena sering masak. Cuci dan jemur tempat, terutama jika Anda tidak menggunakan mesin cuci sekaligus pengering.

Oleh karena itu, sketsa di atas digunakan hanya sebagai acuan. Selebihnya, sesuaikan layout ruang sesuai kebiasaan keluarga Anda. Selain itu, ketika membuat fasade atau tampilan rumah Anda dapat membuat pilihan mereka sendiri, apakah minimalis, etnis atau Mediterania. Tapi yang penting cocok dengan iklim tropis. (Baca tip 43, rumah untuk daerah tropis).

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Home Design Gallery

Home Design Gallery, Hamilton is the most complete kitchen and bath showroom, offers professional consulting, design and installation of a wide range of quality products for every room in the house.
Specialization in the kitchen, bath and home cinema, our showroom features a wide selection of cabinetry, countertops, lighting, flooring, appliances, bath products, barstools, home theater equipment and home generators.
Our professional design staff has more than 20 years of experience in the kitchen and bath design and construction of houses. Enjoy the ease and convenience of our "all under one roof" shopping experience that we are now on a visit or phone for an appointment to discuss your new construction or rebuilding needs.

* Professional kitchen and bath designers
* Country Art cabinetry design software
* The quality name-brand products
* Professional interior design help
* Extremely competitive prices
* Flexible hours to meet with clients

* Agreed delivery
* Free storage product
* Professional installation
* The manufacturer guarantees
* Free delivery on the cabinetry
* Guaranteed satisfaction

Home Design Gallery
11550 Township Road 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45840

James Hardie Hardiplank board: Nashville Houses 10

James Hardie Hardiplank board:
Nashville Houses 10

American Home Design also offers James Hardie Hardiplank board, Cut, Soffit, & Fascia. James Hardie fiber cement board is designed for a lifetime, resisting cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites and many other possible problems. It comes with 50 years product warranty, installation and lifetime warranty.
Hardiplank board features:

* See & feel of wood, brick with maintenance
* Do continue until a hailstorm
You can paint it any time you want to, or use our pre-color board
* Paint adheres to the fiber cement better than wood
* It is cheaper than brick with the same insurance rating, because it will not burn
* Termites-resistant
* Less maintenance than other products board

3 Nashville 1 Nashville Home Home
Color Flexibility

American Home Design Fiber Cement's board can PRE-FINISHED YOU CAN ANY COLOR Literature and lasts for 3 to 4 times longer than wood. Color is not easy and there is a fading 15-year warranty on the paint! Resilience fire 
 we Fiber Cement board is non-combustible and approved for fire-value construction.
Resilience weather
Nashville home 9 Hardie home

Network Fiber Cement board is very durable is guaranteed for up to 50 years, even in the most severe climate on Earth, such as hail, members of the body, and flying debris. Pest Resistance 
 we Fiber Cement board is resistance against termites, woodpeckers and other pests are known to cause damage. resistance hold swollen so ashamed and hold paint 3 to 4 times longer than wood.
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Preservation board vertical Frntgable

Preservation board vertical

Vertical preservation board is a beautiful way to add emphasis to visiual Gable ended, entryways, dormers or other accents the house.