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Casual Elegance

Casual Elegance
Photography by Lydia Cutter
From interior design by Beth Stouffer BKS Designs LLC (Potomac, Maryland)
Landscape Design by Bob Hawkins, Hawkins Signature Landscape (Bowie, MD)
Contractor: Conrad Zink and Allan Smith, Zink Construction (Bethesda, MD)
Architecture Jim Rill, AIA, Kim Kay, Rill and Decker Architects (Bethesda, MD)

Classic Chalet models

Classic Chalet models

With a well above eaves, low-pitched roofs, exposed beams, and corbelled or curved exterior braces, the two-story Swiss alpine and models are usually located on steep slopes. The chalets are generally square in plan and had a white plaster or stucco on the first floor exterior, while the second floor was mostly of wood with designs on the back worked on the facade.

The Classic Chalet offers open first floor common spaces with a second floor to sleep, central planning and the perfect aesthetic to a house in the hills or a ski house in the mountains.
Classic Chalet models from the classic barn houses: Modeling & maps
Click on a Classic Chalet Model title
to open the PDF file of maps.
leftie rightie
Classic Chalet 1

The Classic Chalet 1 offers a plan around the central fireplace. Eat, living and kitchen are all within view, while a study or a library lies hidden in a corner. The second floor is a luxury Master Suite with a generous walk-in closet, full bathroom and a fireplace. Two additional large bedrooms and a bathroom complete the second floor.
Classic Cabin 1 from Classic Barn Homes: Modeling & Floor Plans
click here for map (pdf)
Classic Chalet 2

With a central staircase, the open tender for the den and living room with ample closet space. A large pantry completes the well-designed kitchen, while the open dining room is perfect for entertaining. The second floor is sufficient space for three bedrooms and a generous Master Suite.
Classic Cabin 1 from Classic Barn Homes: Modeling & Floor Plans
click here for map (pdf)

Classic Mountain Haus Models

Classic Mountain Haus Models

Rustic nature of stonework, steep roofs, simple materials, all trademarks of the planned homes, and their populations living on the mountain. The Mountain House is designed to maximize views in many directions, is suitable for steep slopes, and reflects the stability of the mountains as it is based.

Classic Mountain Haus is a very flexible plan designed for active families and entertaining guests.
Classic Mountain Haus Designs Classic Barn Homes: Models & Floor plans
Click on the Classic Mountain Haus Model title
Pdf-file Floor plans.
leftie rightie
Classic Mountain Haus 1

When the central stair separating the living room, dining area, kitchen and powder room, the Mountain Haus 1 provides a very open to the first floor. A lowered counter with bar stools to encourage discussion with the cook, and offers a quaint breakfast area. The second floor contains the master suite, two bedrooms and full bath, as well as the Media Center cantilevered over the front porch.
Classic Mountain Haus 1 Classic Barn Homes: Models & Floor plans
click on the floor plan (pdf)
Classic Mountain Haus 2

A similar plan for Mountain Haus 1, the Mountain Haus 2 offers the same spacious, first-tier plan, and adds a third bedroom, second floor. A central master bedroom take advantage of the views of large cantilevered gable extension to the front of the house.
Classic Mountain Haus 2 Classic Barn Homes: Models & Floor plans
click on the floor plan (pdf)

Kitchen Design

Feeling Serenity
Photo Bob Narod
Kitchen Design by Jennifer Gilmer, CKD, Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath (Bethesda, MD)
Interior design by Marc Janecki design (Palm Beach, FL)
Architecture by Maria Casarella, AIA, Cunningham + quill Architects (Washington, DC)

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At sliding walls system

At sliding walls system
The translucent quality of the panels also provides an added feature when the doors are slipped at the same time, as mullions have been placed to create interesting patterns when layers. The new system allows walls from sliding panels that do not need to speak tracks, which makes installation simple. This system can be ordered in any number of custom sizes and in a wide range of finishes and styles.
This system sliding wall Raydoor unique and a multipurpose room dividing solution. Craftsmen Raydoor to have received this product to a customer mindset that values functionality, an elegant, modern aesthetic, handicrafts and fine. These doors are made of beautiful, translucent panels that allow a soft light filtering through any curb the transmission of sound between the spaces.

entry door

Modern entry door

Modern entry door
The exchange of glass and wood panels allows light shining into the room while still providing a sense of privacy. Keratuer Exclusive Line doors are fabulous contemporary entry doors, provide security in modern elegant style. It contains a strong horizontal element, the 3010 Exclusive Line modern entry door uses an innovative design, it edge to edge flush panels of glass. The long horizontal handle has a rotating panel hides that both a specific profile cylinder lock and a fantastic fingerprint module. These doors finally advanced technologies at home in contemporary style. Created by Keratuer,

Castle used for Independent Film

Created by Tobias Dawson
The castle photos were sent by Tobias Dawson. The model should be used in a small independent film. Here's what he had to say about the model:

"I am a production designer with a small independent film company Prometheus Motion Pictures. We are producing a micro-budget film entitled "folklore" that required me to build a small castle for a model Greenscreen panoramic shot. I had a little time and very little budget, and I hunt around online for a product that would allow me a good degree of flexability design and good looks and the capacity of our facility in a short time and budget frameworks.

I decided to give it a try and ordered mussels # 45, # 63, # 70 and # 201. I had a great time designing and building the model itself, which was created during about a month using your blocks and a variety of custom, I made molds. The castle is an exception in two sections, so that it can be modified to a sequence in which it must be first used, then ruinous. I thought that building a model that had removable "good" sections which can be replaced by "rubble" sections would be faster and simpler than the construction of two models.

The material was used plaster of Paris I, stuck with wood glue. As he was not going to be used in any kind of game situation, durability was secondary compared to the cost. I painted with some cheap craft acrylic paint that my friend had on, with and under spray on primer gray. I really have a great time building this thing (in fact, this is my first model stage ...) and since then I have always been tempted to buy more mussels and build more things ... It really is addictive. Very good product! "

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Exterior Design

When you are trying to build a home, most people have a tendency to focus on internal planning for exterior leaves the house design a simple late in the day. However, what the others are not easy to understand, is that the best exterior design is the first impression that a new home should turn their heads in their direction.

A number of home owners use huge amounts of money and time for internal planning and design of the floor. But what they forget is no matter how beautiful the house looks inside, it may simply be let down, which is attracted by the exterior. Some people, especially those who intend to build houses on places where there is an inherent unappealing around the reluctance to accept that there is quite a lot of anything else they can do than to accept a fact of life. However, the building exterior designs, which are well-landscaped garden and planned to reduce if not eliminate the bareness of the surrounding vicinity.

Okay, so we have already pointed out, that the exterior design is just as important as what is inside. But it is not at all easy as you thought that it would be. When you try to rehabilitate what's outside, there are more factors that must be taken into account, and more decisions to be made. How would you like to outside look like? What is the exterior design of the building Can you give? What motive would you rather have been in such a way that you can organise a oman outside the home color design? All of these are a few of the many judgments that you have to pass. However, most of the design would be based on how much time and money are you going to share. There are tonnes of exterior design of the components that you need to be considered, and here are a few of them.

Exterior Lighting Design

The outside of your home should always be well lit. If you believe that this is an easy task, think again. Conclusion external design should be careful planning, good lighting. In fact, a well-designed lighting plan is a very essential part of the outdoors.

Door Design

This would be a more or less supported by its own theme. If you want to choose a more futuristic ambience, you ought to be considered, glass and sliding doors. Established exterior design of entry by using the full suite of doors or gates would be the first asia, the visitors are coming from everywhere.

Texture Exterior Design

This refers to the type of models related to the usual panel encourages the natural fell from the tree. They may be smooth, deeply embossed, an open, wood grain, etc. And when you have selected the type of texture you want to work, you can then decide what to design exterior house paint would be most appropriate.

Exterior Architectural Design

This is by far the most important aspect that you've carefully. This serves as the plan is in the whole of the external models. Would you want the front porch or back porch overlooking the pool? This is basically full of design concept. All of the theme of the proposals and exterior house design ideas to be incorporated to make one stunning looking house.

When planning a complete outdoors, where there are so many resources that you may want to try to seek help. Internet plays a useful tool for checking the sample external emergency plan. And thanks for the eve of the technology, the exterior design of the software emerged that can help you visualize and see the finished product oman proposed the concept.

History, if the exterior design may be unknown, but the transition has been very clear from. More people are hooked with the aesthetics, only to find out that there are more coming.

Apply Any substance or Upholstery

Apply paint colors, faux painting, wallpaper and wood for all or part of a wall, floor, roof or ceiling. Although use of paint during plaster, stucco, brick and other surfaces.

Apply Any substance or Upholstery
You know the furniture coverings are crucial for decoration. They add interest and character to an otherwise ordinary color. Plan3D you can select Use substances and textures to any surfacepatterns and textures that follows your decorating style, your environment and personal preferences.

Choose from thousands of textiles and furniture to the drapery and furniture. Choose wallpaper and wall textures that fits your style. Best of all, your own structure and texture choices you get from Web pages and elsewhere - which gives you an infinite source of opportunities.

Color and Harmony Home

Color and Harmony Home
Understanding Color Harmonies

Color wheel is a simple but effective tool that allows you to create the perfect color combination. Color wheel is divided into 12 parts. These colors are placed in a circle, so that it is easier to see how the combinations can be developed.

The following is the most popular color harmonies:

* Analogous colors are the colors next to each other, the color wheel. These colors work well together when you are looking to limit the contrast and create a calm, serene color combination. These combinations usually include 3 color.
* Complementary colors are directly opposite each other in the color wheel. The complementary combination of only 2 colors, for example, is a red and green. These colors, combined with the most contrast, especially when they are used to their sense of the most vibrant form.
* A Triad is the case where you have chosen the color, and instead used to supplement, when you use the two colors on both sides of complementary color, and the result is a 3-color combination, which is less contrast.

Even if there is more color harmonies other than these three, this will be the most powerful and most frequently used for exterior combinations. The relations to ensure a balance and it is pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind that not all the colors should be used as one, a single color should dominate, or to take a leading role, while others play a supporting role, while retaining the uniqueness of oman.
Warm vs. Cool colors

Colors are divided into warm and cool tones, which is based on their position in the color spectrum. Reds, yellows and oranges make up the warm side of the spectrum, while the blues, purples and greens cover the cooler tones.

Warm colors to bring the excitement. When compared to their responses to cooler, warm colors seem larger, more visible and more easily.

Cool colors are relaxing and comforting. Often, cooler shades used in more northern regions of the country, while warmer colors have become more prominent in the south. This is the result of the quality of the natural light of each region, and colors can be found in each of the natural environment.

Interested in learning what color is? Take our quiz and find Siding shade

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The best value for the summer - Adams MFG stock on the resin furniture

The best value for the summer - Adams MFG stock on the resin furniture

Posted: Wed, May 28, 2008, 19:03:21 EDT
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PORTERSVILLE, Pa., May 28 (SEND2PRESS newswire) - With the price of oil rise, smart consumer buys resin furniture now, says Adams Mfg. Corp. Although stacking chairs are always a good value, next year the price of resin furniture will increase. "I'm buying my stack Adirondacks now", say those who want to experience savings.

Caption: resin furniture in pool settingThese consumers know that the seats in stores now bought last year, when the price of raw materials was low. These prices are all going until next year because the price of oil continues to grow.

Resin furniture is always a bargain. It does not need to be painted, not crack or split like wood, and not oxidize and rust like metal. And, it is 100% recyclable.

For the rest of this summer, resin furniture is cheaper than it ever will be. The benefit of these people are storing up for next year. It is the most intelligent thing to do, says Adams Mfg. As a result, resin furniture is moving from the stores faster than ever before.

According to the company: "If you see it, and you think you'll need it, buy it now, but it is cheaper." Alert consumers know a bargain when they see one.

Founded in 1981, Adams Mfg. pride in providing high-quality, safe products that consumers in the United States. In addition to casual furniture, Adams also produces Christmas decorating accessories, pads, and magnets. The company holds exclusive patents on many of its objects.

All trademarks acknowledged.

Send2Press (R) is the originating wire service for this story.

News source: Adams Mfg. Corp.

Design Services for Myanmar

Post-disaster Design Services for Myanmar

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Source: living architect on-line
Date: 21 May 2008

By Stephani L. Miller

On 2 May and 3, 2008, Cyclone Nargis roztrhaný across the southern part of the Union of Myanmar (also known as Burma) in Southeast Asia, destroying 95 percent of buildings, killing an estimated 127990 people and displacing more than 2 million people, according to the American Red Cross . In a few days later, the nonprofit Architecture for Humanity activated fundraising efforts to promote volunteer architects, engineers and other experts in the construction industry in-country as reconstruction begins.

In 24 hours, San Francisco-based organization had raised $ 10000, 48 hours after the collection started, the total doubled. "That tells you what is the design community can do when you together," says co-founder and executive director Kate Stohr.

As a follow-up to 12 May 2008, 7.9 earthquake leveled that a large part of the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, the organization calls for architects to help after the construction information, links to such information, and earthquake-resistant design strategies to its open architecture network to support the building of architects and experts on the ground China, the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. Post-disaster, these experts often work without immediate access to design libraries and technical resources that most architects working in the office available.

If the local professional resources are insufficient, Architecture for Humanity-supported teams to develop low-cost housing and more community-scale solutions that are regionally and contextually appropriate for the area in crisis-such as destroyed, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes or a grant engineering support for organizations working on reconstruction of communities. In the post-disaster situation in Myanmar, "our main objectives would be to provide architecture and design services in the ways they're most needed," said Stohr.

This means that schools, community rooms, hospitals and civic buildings, which will serve those who need it sectors of society are the first projects targeted. "This is the meat and potatoes of what enables the community to work," he says. "They often can not even begin to do large-scale housing works until you have the community room for meetings and effective delivery of services."

Architecture for Humanity began mobilization project teams, which will be paid their design services and expertise to Myanmar on the rebuilding effort. The body will then reach out to other relief organizations to offer in-country partnerships.

Stohr expects that the organisation of work in Myanmar will be far more complex than previous attempts because the country has concluded the government doors to foreign aid of all, but also other Asian countries.

Architecture for Humanity continue to raise funds to support efforts in Myanmar. Ideally, Stohr said its leadership would like to achieve the same level of involvement is controlled by the post-Katrina efforts, not only to promote professional designers, but the financing of construction work as well. This allows the organization to monitor the work and ensure that structures are built under the project.

The widespread destruction of houses and other buildings in Myanmar from the cyclone and the absolute devastation wrought by the earthquake and aftershocks in China may serve as a wake-are prompted to those governments and others around the world, that buildings should be constructed so as to better deal with extreme weather and geological events.

One way, the average architects can help them resolve their housing for the storm, flood, earthquake zones and the open architecture network (, which is available for those who work on projects of reconstruction in disaster areas around the the world.

For more information on donations or volunteers, visit

Bathroom by Charlie Allen Restorations named best of 2007 by Boston Globe Magazine

Bathroom by Charlie Allen Restorations named best of 2007 by Boston Globe Magazine

Posted: Wed, 08 Jan 2008, 10:26:34 EDT
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Cambridge Chamber praised for "classic yet equipped high-tech design

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - January 8 (SEND2PRESS newswire) - A master bathroom designed and built by Charlie Allen Restorations for a 1853 Greek Revival house in Cambridge is called "Bathroom of the Year" in Boston Globe Magazine's "Dream Home 2007" competition. The new bathroom was praised for his "creative use of space and light," and a "classic yet equipped high-tech design.

The homeowners, a young, growing families, desperately needed the new space. Previously, the only bathroom in their three-story home was on the ground floor, on the other hand, and one word away from the master bedroom. Charlie Allen Restorations is responsible for the introduction of a master bath that would feature both modern amenities and a design that complemented the house of the 19th-century charm.

Working with architect Tom Downer, Charlie Allen Restorations team eliminated an existing bedroom and manufactured according to a functional and inviting master bath and dressing room in its place. The highlight of the new master bathroom has a large, glass-in shower that doubles as a steam bath. Radiant floor heating and an electric towel warmer add to the Board of Appeal-in particular the cold winter morning. Lichtbeuk mat glass windows and doors flood the bathroom with abundant natural lighting of the adjacent floor to ceiling windows.

In the dressing room, large cabinets, wall cubbies, and custom-designed, furniture-quality armoires have been introduced to improve the storage for the family. Carefully selected, period-appropriate hardware, doors, base molding, and wide planked, white oak floors were introduced throughout both areas.

In addition to Downer, other partners of the project includes the demolition and disposal company Mark One, Inc., HVAC specialists Keyes North Atlantic Ocean, Puccio Electric, Van Millwork, and the cleaning company Surfaceworks.

"We are very proud of this bathroom recognized by the Boston Globe Magazine," says Charlie Allen, founder of the award-winning company. "It is a great validation of our belief that-with careful planning new technologies and historical design and architecture can coexist beautifully."

Charlie Allen Restorations is an award-winning contractor specializing in the seamless integration of modern amenities in the period of housing while preserving original details. Charlie Allen Restorations combines expert-based traders and project management techniques to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

For more information about Charlie Allen Restorations, call 617/661-7411 or visit

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Artistic Design

Welcome to Artistic Design, a family business that specializes in the design and detail of quality custom doors and windows. Your house is your biggest investment! In designing artistic, we will design your windows and doors, depending on your style and budget.

We carry a wide selection of doors and windows to adapt the design and function of any home or business, including:

Residential or commercial Interior / Exterior Doors and windows
The hand, unique solid wood entry doors with glass inserts
Doors carved
Residential Doors of these woods like mahogany,
Red Oak, Cherry, Maple & Douglas Fir
In aluminum and wooden doors
French Doors
Rustic Doors
The Iron Gates
Wood and vinyl sliding doors and windows
Single / Double Hung windows and
Coulissantes and windows
Bay & Bow Windows
Energy efficient glass doors and windows
Interior vinyl doors and windows with design options glass
Rayon high and panel doors

We are very proud to provide quality products and service. Our goal is to create an elegant surrounding both inside and outside your home. With more than 9 years of experience, we are confident we can help you find exactly what you want.

We do business with general contractors, builders, owners and newconstruction, replacements, add-ons, renovations and remodels. If you want to add a large number of beauty to your home or office, call us for
a free estimate! Proud to serve the greater Los Angeles and
San Bernardino Area, including Van Nuys, Burbank, Sherman Oaks and
Hours exposure
Monday - Saturday
9 am - 6 pm

designs dolan lighting

Dolan models have a lot of time and effort into designing the most exquisite collection of indoor and outdoor lighting products, all offered at prices well below the competitors of equal quality. The dedication that Dolan models radiates comes from Patrick Dolan, the founder. He and his team of engineers working with the latest computer-aided technology to ensure Dolan's original visions are accurately translated into final.

Dolan Designs offers a unique combination of beautifully designed bathroom lighting products such affordable prices. Geëquipeerd your whole house has never been something as simple and economical. The real test for the quality and affordability when the chandeliers Dolan models on display. Impressive design, pure luxury, and beautiful lighting are all part of the package. The same applies to the recovery of the ceiling hangers. A true icon of modern design and very affordable at the same time, Dolan models with no other.

# Est. Lead Time: 1 to 2 weeks. Please call for faster delivery.
# View Dolan design finish samples
# Dolan Designs Web Site:

Benoit Exterior Design

Benoit Exterior Design, Inc. is owned by California Registered Landscape Architect Cynthia Benoit. It was the creation of award-winning landscapes to urban centres, residential and commercial, recreational facilities and public parks throughout the Southwest and in Hawaii for over 25 years.

Cynthia love the outdoors and talent to capture the "essence" of harmony between man and nature is evident in all his creations. She has extensive experience in horticulture and is particularly suited to navigation projects of "Inspiration for the installation".

Cynthia is creating majestic gardens and intimate high-end custom homes in areas such as Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad and La Jolla, California. It has been cited in many home and garden magazines and donates his time to several conferences gardening shows, judging and display.
It was a creation that Benoit has paved the way to San Diego in 2002 Interior Design & Landscape Expo.
Stunning "Tranquility Garden," was 800 square feet of installation with a release of water from rock in a babbling brook and meanders through the exhibition. The aroma of flowers in bloom, rolling hills of varieties grasses and plants further strengthened along the space with a kiosk design.

Other professional affiliations include:
The American Society of Landscape Architects
636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Telephone: 202-898-2444 Fax: 202-898-1185

California Landscape Contractors Association
1491 River Park. Dr. # 100
Sacramento, CA 95815
Telephone 916-830-2780 Fax 916-830-2788

BBBOnLine Reliability Seal Better Business Bureau of San Diego
5050 Murphy Canyon, Ste. 110
San Diego, CA 92123
Telephone 858-496-2131 Fax 858-496-2141

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Design your own house

Would you like the design of your own home? Actually it is very simple that you think. Since you are going to use your house is quite clear that you have the designs themselves. I am not saying that you need to learn all the technical information about creating drawings and other structures, but you can easily visualize how the shape of your house looks.

Everyone is a dreamer, right? so you can make use of very simple sketches to explain the designer exactly what you want in your house. You can an architect in the design of your house when choosing colors, materials, planning environment as a garden or a patio.

Depending on your preferences / designer can not really the various alternatives of the actual home design plans for you. But to ensure that this happens you must have a very clear idea of you want your house like. You can ask yourself a lot, so that your ideas become clear.

Let us look at some of these factors in detail.

Factors affecting the growth of a house designs.

A good house design is a combination of many factors, such as the function, aesthetics, economy, services and maintenance. If you follow and respect each of these factors it will be easier for the designer to come up with a great house. You can yourself the following questions for the design of a house.

If a homeowner the following questions will have a much greater weight if the draft is concerned.


How many people will use the origin?

How many people in the house were members deserve?

Have you or any of your relatives have a special hobby like gardening. Are you looking for a way to use your own garden to get there?

What is the monthly income of all members combined?

Do you have a pet as a family member?

Do you have a special attraction of a certain form of color schemes? If so, it may be used as a "theme" for your house?

Are you an antique collector? if so, we can use it as an exceptional setting factor for home interiors.

Do you remember a house that you've seen somewhere else where you very much, for example, on your friends or in a movie? This can be used effectively for designing your own house.

And much more ....

You see, all these questions have one thing in common, they talk about you. We have still not on the details of the costs and materials and construction technology yet, because that is not really important. I try to clear your mind about what you want in your interior. Finally, a house has everything to do with your comfort zone, you are going to use. Therefore, much more needed to urinate in yourself and look at your likes and dislikes first. If you write the answers to this question na piece of paper, everything will start falling in the right place. The list of questions and answers that you provide will be a big help to create the final plan of origin.

Do not forget there is only one thing is true.

Home interior design Idea # 1

Just have to look at this 3d presentation of the window treatment. How can a simple window can be converted into an interesting feature of using the "arch" ad to changing the wall texture. In the last plain window, when changing the arched window will increase interest to the whole of the state. The texture of the wall will help to boost the form of the window.

Home interior plain view of the opening of the window

Home interior curve in the image window

Home interior picture of arch & brick cladding

Home interior plain view of the opening of the window

The same window to move to arch

The arched window can be treated by the ad more interest in

Home interior design Idea # 2

Try adding small and medium-side statues home in selected locations, such as under a staircase or in corners of a living room. You'll need to immediately increase the humane treatment of experience at home and more space for the whole of the room. Depending on what the theme, using your home, you have a lot of choices available.

Here are some recommendations on

Indoor Statue Of A Woman Indoor statue An Archer Silver Finish Woman statue
Patina Lady statue Copper Finish Samurai Warrior Archer Japanese statuette Martial Arts Gorgeous Silver Finish Figural Sexy Woman Statue 21 "

Home interior design Idea # 3

Try changing the flooring pattern of just one room to start and you can see immediately uplift, decorative style. This is due to the fact that the usual eye-level, always grabs the porch of the model have been standing in the normal position. Floors model can be changed by using the carpet to start. The best asia carpets is that you can remove them easily, if you do not like them.

Home Interior Design Idea

Home Interior Design Idea

Each design is at home two parts attached to it, the exteriors and interiors. Both exteriors and interiors are dependent on each other. external appearance of buildings is governed by what is inside the house. For example, if the home has a round plan will be reflected in the interior, as regards the shape of the furniture is concerned.

Best practice is to follow a "theme" proposal for both exteriors and interiors. The home interior can be easily fed through a simple architectural elements.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Model ६ 28 x 42 ft. Loft 1,540 sq.m.

Model 6
28 x 42 ft. Loft 1,540 sq.m.

Base price: 86,951.00
This house includes the following options:
Spring Valley Oak Cabinets 1,280.00
The dishwasher GE (*) 421.00
Laundry w / Cabinets 695.00
Vanity base w / Drawers 88.00
Gorham 664.00 carpet upgrade
Oak Trim & Doors 1,795.00
Crestline unfinished window upgrade (*) 850.00
9 'Crestline french doors RD (*) 2,060.00
9 'Crestline french doors LR (*) 464.00
2 - 9 'Trapezoid Crestline Windows (*) 5,402.00
Gas fireplace 3,159.00
Outside fireplace Chase 1,330.00
TV / Phone Jack & Wire Pull 13.00
Vinyl Siding log upgrade 5,791.00
Vanity base w / Drawers 88.00
2nd exterior door credit -240.00

Total: 110,811.00

(*) GE brand are no longer available, replaced appliances with Whirlpool
(*) Crestline mark are no longer available, Replaced w / Windows Visions

Model # 5

Model # 5
28 x 42 Loft 1,696 sq. ft.

Base Price: 86,951.00
The Home Includes the following options:
Fireplace Chase 1,330.00
Crestline Windows * 1,200.00
Sign Vinyl Siding 6,453.00
Gorham Upgrade Carpet 595.00
Direct vent Gas fireplace 3,159.00
Telephone or TV-Tag Wire 13.00
Utility region Sewing 695.00
Spring Valley Sewing & Vanity 1,280.00
Dishwasher DU850SWP White 334.00
2 - 9 'Trapezoid Crestline Windows * 5,780.00
Credit Liv Room Window -1,696.00
2 - 9 'Crestline French Doors * 4,120.00
Credit-Exterior Door -240.00
Total: 109,974.00

(*) GE brand is no longer available, will be replaced by Whirlpool home appliances
(*) Crestline brand is no longer available, will be replaced by Peachtree windo

Home Design - the construction of houses - home plans

Home Design - the construction of houses - home plans

If you are looking for free advice on creating and designing your own home,

You will find here, with plans to house, the house plans, floor plans, which houses the drawings, models house, housing construction, home markets. Design, plan and build your home. The construction of houses estimates.

Free amateur advice! Be your own general contractor!
Just follow the "Next" button at the bottom of this page and succeed.

Home Insurance site home planning designs Residential Home Contracting ask Andy privacy Select House Plans Log Homes Links

Thank you for visiting our site. Our goal is to provide you with practical advice and common sense advice on the design, construction of housing and / or are the subject of an entrepreneur of your home while avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls which can ruin your dream for years to come!

House design and build your own house is perfectly within the reach of most people, but it does take a lot of research plans and concentration. We're here to help you with this aspect, including the preparation of some houseplans.

By acting as your own general contractor, you can expect to save 15 to 40 percent on the cost amateur! If you are generally handy with tools, and have some knowledge of trades, particularly carpentry, and are ready to build your own house May you reduce costs even more.

Keep in mind that the house design, construction plans and amateur may be enough time, May and be quite a pressure on you and your family if you try to do too much yourself. It is a big job in itself just to make the new home plans, oversee construction and deal with numerous, sometimes complex situations involved in home design and construction of housing. Throughout this site, you will find plenty of advice and plans on how to deal with these problems.

The plans for all aspects of the construction of your house is the key to the success of a project! Through careful planning, you can avoid surprises which are often waste the dreams that were developed at random. All the hours spent on blue prints is a good investment. Blue with good impressions, when construction begins, you should be able to oversee the project from the front of your TV!

You will not, of course, but it will be because you can not keep watching your dream house under construction, not because you are unable to stay on top of things.

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If you are interested in the construction of houses books;

One of the most comprehensive books I've seen east; How to Design & Build Your Own House Random House, ISBN 0-394-75200-7. It includes many detailed drawings and instructions on each of the trades and make plans.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

House at 1957 that was originally designed by John Nickols

An interior renovation project by Abby Zog Architects , this is an interior renovation. The plan was adjusted to the public space by opening the kitchen. A new master bedroom suite was created.

Innovative for the day, the challenge of this project was to house a new coat, the original design and the design intent and improve the house to bring back to what it was. It was done on a budget.

The house was published in ye-June, 2006 (We Love Houses). They received a Visas Interiors of the Boston Society of Architects and an Honor Award for the renovation of the Society for American Registered Architects in 2006. It was exhibited in Boston Build in november 2006.

The Boardman 'home in Carlisle, Massachusetts, May began with her life as a rejected, but who has since been kind to be wooded area.

office furniture

President of the table for the design of office furniture Interior Design
Posted: Friday, May 30, 2008 16:22:00 0000

President and table furniture design

image is more than one result is impressive for designing scenery. a set of office furniture and chairs can become planology activity to other staff in our house. Wood material becomes choice to make this presidency. The texture of wood still be seen clearly, causing natural impression to the design of furniture made to impress classical and lush.

designed this chair more and more if single chair colour according to the dominant colors in the room that we organize.

Sofa Furniture

Design by Jane Hamley Wells
Posted: Fri, 23 May 2008 18:48:46 +0000

sofa furniture design

sofa is part of the room to give comfort to the guests and discuss pawnshop. The scheme concept of a modern interior, difficult to depress multifungsi of furniture placed in the room. House concept minimalis barely pays attention to this concept. Zastavárna as very important to pay attention sofa design.

The image is only one of the above furniture intended result of the famous disainer.

Wicker kicks it up so good. On Wanlapa sofa from Lino Codato Home collection is made of Viro all-weather wicker and powder-coated aluminum and is available in nougat, Blueberry, and hazelnuts to comfortably sit on the terrace or inside the house.

Desain Rumah Minimalis

Desain Rumah Minimalis
The 26 april 2007
Article of astudio

(gambar; geometrica house the collection, didesain Oleh astudio)

Desain rumah akhir-akhir ini mengalami perkembangan yang sangat cepat. Kita legal mendapati berbagai Jenis desain rumah yang berkembang di masyarakat dewasa INI, Antara remained desain rumah minimalis, modern, mediterania, klasik this sebagainya. Hal ini merupakan keharusan sesuai perkembangan jaman, kita semakin menyadari bahwa peran desain this arsitek sangat berpengaruh bagi keindahan desain rumah kita.Desain rumah bergaya minimalis adalah yang perkembangannya sangat pesat akhir-akhir ini. Kami Dari astudio mendapati banyak orang menghendaki menggunakan namely minimalis untuk mengikuti state. Biasanya kalangan yang tertarik untuk menggunakan namely minimalis adalah Dari mereka yang Masih berjiwa muda. Para eksekutif muda menyukai namely minimalis, karena namely yang ini dipandang practice this should mewakili namely hidup modern mereka.

Sumber gambar: Documentation Archive astudio

Sebenarnya, minimalis bukanlah sebuah namely arsitektur saja, namun dibalik ITU, the ini memiliki jawaban atas tantangan jaman yaitu mendapatkan 'hasil maximum Dari sesuatu yang minimal ". Legal jadi ini merupakan dana pembangunan yang minim, atau namely hidup yang diminimalkan. Seringkali namely ini dipakai karena keterbatasan dana, namun menjadi sangat menarik karena dengan keterbatasan ini kita Masih should mengikuti mode tren arsitektur terkini.

Simak saja, tampilan rumah tanpa ornamen berlebihan, memakai bahan-bahan yang material diekspos sehingga terkesan jujur dalam penampilannya, tidak berlebihan. Bila dicari ibaratnya, seperti seorang eksekutif muda yang hendak pergi kekantor, dengan pakaian elegan yang tidak berlebihan, bersih this practice. Namun karena hal ini merupakan mode, maka kita Masih merasa 'memiliki bagian' Dari mode yang sedang berkembang saat ini. Back banyak orang, HAL ini sangat menyenangkan (mungkin Anda juga senang dengan mengikuti mode saat ini?)

Gaya minimalis pada intinya merupakan suatu jawaban atas keadaan yang dicetuskan Oleh orang-orang yang menganut where it may be minimalism sebagai protes atas keadaan masyarakat yang tidak menghargai sumber daya Alam dengan mengeksploitasi habis-habisan sumber daya Alam untuk hal-hal yang tidak perlu dalam kehidupan sehari-King. Gerakan minimalism ini merupakan gerakan 'back to basic' atau kembali kepada kesederhanaan, konon gerakan ini timbul di Amerika yang merupakan suatu hall yang dapat dianggap POSITIF Dari suatu gerakan jaman modern.

(gambar; interior design of the house of the young executive, didesain Oleh astudio)

Gambar diatas merupakan Salah satu contoh sudut ruangan yang 'minimalis', dimana ruangan ini sama sekali tidak terlihat berhias, namun jujur apa adanya. Namun dengan desain ini kita justru legal merasakan suatu ruang yang lapang this Lega. Istilahnya 'tidak Ribet.

Back kita yang menyukai namely hidup modern, ini legal jadi merupakan pilihan untuk melengkapi namely hidup sehari-King kita. Misalnya Bila pasangan suami istri dalam satu rumah sama-sama bekerja, this terbiasa dengan namely hidup yang cepat, this simple practice.

(gambar: Interior Design, didesain Oleh astudio)

Meskipun demikian, dalam desain rumah bergaya minimalis, kita perlu memperhatikan kesesuaiannya dengan iklim. Karena: minimalis merupakan Pro modern yang sangat sederhana this berasal bukan Dari Negeri kita, kita perlu memperhatikan factor-factor iklim tropis seperti hujan this panas matahari, Antara remained dengan membuat rumah kita legal berhadapan dengan tampias matahari ataupun panas yang menyengat.