Monday, June 2, 2008

House at 1957 that was originally designed by John Nickols

An interior renovation project by Abby Zog Architects , this is an interior renovation. The plan was adjusted to the public space by opening the kitchen. A new master bedroom suite was created.

Innovative for the day, the challenge of this project was to house a new coat, the original design and the design intent and improve the house to bring back to what it was. It was done on a budget.

The house was published in ye-June, 2006 (We Love Houses). They received a Visas Interiors of the Boston Society of Architects and an Honor Award for the renovation of the Society for American Registered Architects in 2006. It was exhibited in Boston Build in november 2006.

The Boardman 'home in Carlisle, Massachusetts, May began with her life as a rejected, but who has since been kind to be wooded area.

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