Friday, June 13, 2008

Home interior design Idea # 1

Just have to look at this 3d presentation of the window treatment. How can a simple window can be converted into an interesting feature of using the "arch" ad to changing the wall texture. In the last plain window, when changing the arched window will increase interest to the whole of the state. The texture of the wall will help to boost the form of the window.

Home interior plain view of the opening of the window

Home interior curve in the image window

Home interior picture of arch & brick cladding

Home interior plain view of the opening of the window

The same window to move to arch

The arched window can be treated by the ad more interest in

Home interior design Idea # 2

Try adding small and medium-side statues home in selected locations, such as under a staircase or in corners of a living room. You'll need to immediately increase the humane treatment of experience at home and more space for the whole of the room. Depending on what the theme, using your home, you have a lot of choices available.

Here are some recommendations on

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Patina Lady statue Copper Finish Samurai Warrior Archer Japanese statuette Martial Arts Gorgeous Silver Finish Figural Sexy Woman Statue 21 "

Home interior design Idea # 3

Try changing the flooring pattern of just one room to start and you can see immediately uplift, decorative style. This is due to the fact that the usual eye-level, always grabs the porch of the model have been standing in the normal position. Floors model can be changed by using the carpet to start. The best asia carpets is that you can remove them easily, if you do not like them.

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