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attic1 Home Improvement

How to convert a loft

attic1 Home Improvement

Image: a. Murray Construction

Remodeling your attic, you can earn some extra living square footage, you can use for a home office, bedroom, playroom for children, and even a bathroom. What was considered a storage space can now increase the comfort of your home and area.

Firstly it is necessary to consult a specialist to see if your attic is suitable for renovation. Is it structurally sound? Does the home electrical system, water lines and units of air conditioning can reconfigure the attic?

The second thing you must do is set a budget. Consider a realistic amount of go into this business, the money spent must be at least equal to the benefits you get from remodeling the attic.

Make a list of supplies you'll need, including price, comply with the budget.

attic2 Home Improvement

Image: apartment therapy

Watch the walls of your attic. Do they need editing? If yes, then think of drywall or paneling. Advantages and disadvantages: drywall - cheaper, but requires more work woodwork - more expensive than drywall, but easier to install.

What speech? Usually the floor is determined by object part. If you decide to use your old attic room or new games for children, the carpet is the best choice. For a home office or a hardwood floor guest room is perfect. Although more expensive, it is durable and will repay on time.

Furniture: choosing furniture for your newly renovated attic is not a big deal is like furnishing a room with the same goal on the lower levels. However, there is something you should consider - the roof. It comes in different shapes and tastes, so keep in mind.

attic3 Home Improvement
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Waterstudio1 green

Dutch Waterstudios Rise Along sea level

Waterstudio1 green
Here's a look at housing in the future. Do not run the risk of catastrophic damage as a change in sea level, just design housing that floats. Waterstudio designer Koen Olthius from Holland, where the management level of the sea for centuries thought of him. He came with a very innovative ideas. All swam residential complex.

Waterstudio4 green
His solution is prefabricated modules for the entire town of floating roads and 60 luxury apartments with parking. Units will be built on a small area, which makes the apartment complex to reach the density of 30 units per acre of water. Outside each apartment is a terrace garden and the complex will include greenhouses.

Waterstudio21 green
From within each apartment, there are views of the water. But it's not just looks. Cool water from the depths of the lake, which will be used to cool the interior temperature of the complex, which helps to save up to 25% more energy than conventional buildings on the land.

Waterstudio3 green
World's first floating apartment complex, stronghold, makes it possible to live on the water and use it for energy, as well.

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iron design work

Our Products
We use the latest design and manufacturing techniques for exceptional custom iron entry doors for our customers. Our factory makes high quality standards. Combining this with our unmatched craftsmanship produce doors.

All our doors are custom made to the following general specifications:


Our entry doors are made of 14-gauge steel with 1 / 2 "and 3 / 4" wrought iron design work

The weight of the old Iron Door entry ways are supported by barrel hinges with ball bearings and grease fittings.

All welds are SAE certified.

All hinges are welded on both sides to avoid any risk of cracking in high traffic areas.

Most welding is performed from the inside, not to change smooth finish.

Door frames are square and equal before the door hinges are positioned and welded thereby ensuring a smooth operation of the door.

Door frames are square to less than ¼ inch tolerance. ½ "flat bar is welded to the bottom of each frame to maintain frame integrity during transportation and installation. ½" flat bar is also used for the door to the floor.

Each entry door includes double-pane tempered insulated glass panels that open independently of the doors. A variety of glass options are available. Laminated glass with high impact is offered as an option. This feature allows for ventilation, ease of cleaning glass, and the option to keep the door closed and locked while the owner is talking to the visiting party.

All materials needed to operate and assemble our doors is included.

All doors are fully insulated with thermal sprayed foam in the door frame and the door sheet.

Each door undergoes a five-step paint process completed in a clean environment and paint booth oven dried. Material is acid washed, anticorrosive founded, 2 layers of base areas color, hand-painted faux finish with baked on satin overcoat to project completion.

11 gauge (1 / 8 ") are first formed frames inside and out. Most frames on the market today are rectangular tubes welded together and coated with acrylic hide the effects of industry.

Weather stripping around the door frame and glass. Our standard door jamb is 6, the door plate thickness is 2 '6 "wide around the wrought iron opening.

Delivery is 14 to 16 weeks due to high demand for our products.

All the old Iron Doors come with a limited five year warranty.

All finishes are guaranteed for one year.

The Dome House is an Australian home in Hawthorn

The Dome House is an Australian home in Hawthorn, a suburb of Adelaide, Victoria, Australia designed by McBride Charles Ryan use at various stages of life, one family, one person, or a single person with a great family visit. The architectural design of the concept of McBride Charles Ryan Dome House was to take a perfect shape, the sphere of the copper and the removal of parts. By selectively removing parts of the field, there is a sense that within and surrounded by garden. The spherical shell also beautiful indoors on the first floor.

The dome of the House by McBride Charles Ryan in Australia

House Dome "owner is a middle-aged single woman, an artist with a large circle of family and friends often stay over. The place is a middle class suburb of Hawthorn, leafy and picturesque. Our first visit gave us a strong sense of what may be this building - a large oak tree, the adjacent Victorian Mansion and the site location on a hill, which terminated an easement tennis that swept the valley below. We detected an object that could meet these special and unusual spatial conditions.

The dome of the House by McBride Charles Ryan in Australia

We became obsessed with the idea of the garden from the center of the house. The plan evolved into one with a central living room, ancillary rooms were carefully slung sides provide graceful association between private and communal family life. These ideas were not without precedent, not deep, and could be on their own resulted in thousands of different homes. The dome was a firm favorite. And a good rough match of failure and programmatic shift.

But the idea of the dome as incomplete puzzle revealed by experiments with hollowing and cutting the object. The random superposition of dome and rectilinear plan resulted in a wide variety of new national indoor. External want to remove only enough to bring the original form. We hope that the revelation of the object, after deduction will be greater and more interesting than if it were whole. We thought the puzzle components like 3D pixel. We could scale up and down, resulting in some areas more emphasis. We examined the composition of the negotiation time by accident and design, representation and abstraction.

The dome of the House by McBride Charles Ryan in Australia

The home building had become extreme heroism of the revolutionary innovator dome home yet and could also be read as a ruin itself. These little houses around the mailbox, seats, sheds, fence, lights, and were placed in a broken system. Markers are shells and semi-open spaces, courtyards and two courtyard. Indoor spaces and color code split between two categories - «outside» (main lounge) and «within the dome» (bleached white).

The Dome House by McBride Charles Ryan in Australia

Rainwater collected from roof clad copper gutters concealed and stored in rainwater tanks installed in the south office. The design of dwellings by McBride Charles Ryan is also using solar hot water, a drip watering gardens and double glazed windows to maximize energy efficiency. These simple sustainable elements incorporated in the house, so as to have minimal aesthetic impact.

The dome of the House by McBride Charles Ryan in Australia

Materials Walls: clay Euroa product (black glazed brick) / Glass Cerdomus tiles, Parbury renderrock, Multitext Multistone, Vitre-panel, spotted gum timber investment / investment: Folded seam copper / Roof: Folded seam copper, Butynol membrane roofing / gutters: copper / Paint: Dulux / Paving: Urbanstone, RockNStone, City tiler, / Windows: Capral / Doors: Capral Photographer John Gollings - GollingsPidgeon

Stanwell Park House by Casey Brown Architecture in Paris

Stanwell Park House was designed by Casey Brown architecture both entertaining and family holidays, with small changes in the level of definition of functions in an open set. In summer, cooling is achieved by the capture of sea breezes prevailing costs in the Northeast. Large roof overhangs, shutters and spaces covered with shade for the occupants and glass.

Stanwell Park House by Casey Brown Architecture in Paris

The architecture of this beach house directly responds to the topography of the site and the needs of a modern Australian beach lifestyle located at the base of an escarpment south of Sydney with a panoramic view of the north and east of Stanwell Park Beach the Pacific Ocean.

Stanwell Park House by Casey Brown Architecture in Paris

The many levels of response to a strong site and to articulate the building mass, while ensuring the neighbor's point of view is maintained. These distinct levels comfortably allow all the different families vacation together.

Stanwell Park House by Casey Brown Architecture in Paris

A beach on a house on the site of the steep cliff at Stanwell Park cleverly combines rustic materials seafront, elegant, multi-level flats and the design environment.

Stanwell-park-home-of-casey-brown interior architecture

The design of this house has three family attached houses built of wood and copper. The materials are deliberately chosen to withstand the sea and back visually in the landscape. The materials were chosen to withstand the sea and back visually in the landscape. The many levels of response to strong nearby site, while protecting the point of view.

Stanwell Park House by Casey Brown Architecture in Paris

Large roof overhangs, shutters and spaces covered with shade. The plan aims to privatize open living spaces with subtle guidance and strengthen the levels of both plan and section. This produces a series of bridges that used to live off whatever the wind direction is in force.

Old wooden buildings and other architectural salvage

Old wooden buildings and other architectural salvage packaging

We are often asked: "Where you get your architectural salvage materials such as wood, windows, leaded glass, etc.?".

Normally we hear about the architecture as salvage an old barn or building for demolition. We submit an offer to the structure, having regard to the parts and how they fit together. The architectural salvage material in our antique barn in Kennebunk, Maine, is inventoried and resold as architectural artifacts. In some cases, we assume architectural salvage wood from the walls or floors, and new pieces, a process we call regeneration.
Here is our original architectural salvage barn before they dismantled and moved.
Here is our original architectural salvage barn before they dismantled and moved.
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Detail of wooden buildings and other old architectural salvage packaging
Our experienced craftsmen human architectural salvage lumber from floors or walls, antique wood paneling and other architectural artifacts and salvage as well as new decorative pieces. The beauty and timelessness of the ancient wood brings warmth and character to new and old houses alike. Some ideas from our employees:

* Garden Playhouse or tool shed, all signs, yard
* Bookends or shelf brackets from the old exterior trim parts
* Garden grille from an old window frames without glass
* A headboard handmade from old doors
* A screen porch of a Victorian portico
* Shadow boxes crafted from old barn-board with clock parts, old keys or Türknäufe

Pictured above are just some examples of our work. Most were built to order.
If you like what you see or have an idea, write us a note.
Old Building | Pier77 Restaurant | Custom Bed Chamber | Ross Block Condo

House Tour Rhiannon Smith & Victor Obeck

House Tour


Name: Rhiannon Smith & Victor Obeck
Location: Hayes Valley, San Francisco
Size: 501 square feet
Years lived in: Almost 2 years, the lease

Rhiannon and Victor's apartment is not what you might expect the home to a few college students to look. But two of them, who are both transferred to San Francisco State in the fall, when it decided to moved to its Hayes Valley edwardian walk-up that is going to be special. Efficiency in LA, where lived together before he was apparently so small that even considered a "real" apartment. So you have treated this as his first, to the decorative style and love, and is beautifully maintained, even if the economy, jobs and go to school ...


Enter House Tour

Rhiannon and Victor spot is perfect example of how with a little imagination, you can triumph over the challenges of the tenant is a small space. Their apartment is a good "bones"-the third floor of the Edwardian, the huge windows provide a beautiful light-but-eighties era renovation left with a bland and dull kitchen wall-to-wall carpet. Amazingly, though, one hardly notice these things, because the improvements made Rhiannon and Victor are so lively and well-conceived.

The layout of the main room is such that it feels as well as several rooms in one, with charming nooks for reading or kicking back with a guitar. Throughout the apartment, as well-curated art conveys a strong sense of a few is a bit dark, but also whimsical, aesthetic. A stern-faced papier-mass polar bears gāzes from above the door. Collection refined robots parades down policy. A vase in the shape of George Washington head of germ Wildflowers. It goes without saying that the home was filled with objects of love, of course, including a pair of cute pooch, Mayo, which maintains its sunny horns as its own.

Enter House Tour

AT Survey:

Our Style: Boho with morbid curiosity.

Inspiration: The Haunted Mansion at Disney World is the first place I (Rhiannon), and I remember saying, "I want to live here!" Growing up in rustic farmhouse also shape my aesthetic soon. Today we are both inspired by San Francisco Victorian architecture, imagination, what was in the past and future.

Favorite Element: Being on the third floor. In the vein on the first floor of an apartment building, I can not stress how important it is to be several stories up. Even the cutest apartment can be a nightmare if you have a lot of light, is afraid to let the window open and have no opinion.

Greatest Challenge: With some work, such as carpets, linoleum and unattractive kitchen.

What people say: "It's so clean!" "It's so grown up!" "That's fine." In fact, our friends the impression that we have time and effort into our surroundings.

The biggest blunder: Kitchen-because we are renters, there simply is not anything we can do with him.

Proudest DIY: A tie between the papier-mass polar bears bust and hard-wiring its own light!

The biggest benefit: Our art collection.

Best advice: Be patient and hold to the view that you really love.

Inspiration: ACE Hotel and Wes Anderson video files.

Enter House Tour


Main room:
Shelves and baskets - Objective
Dressers, milk crates and faeces - Dumpster finds
Cabinet - Urban Ore
Shoe form, medicine bottles, George Washington, and school chairs - Thrifted
Eames chair and pouf - Ebay
Chairs with cushions - DWR
Curtains, lights, bamboo, bed, and a few baskets and boxes - Ikea
Russian nesting dolls, clocks, jewelry, boxes, carpet, a few pillows and bedding - Urban Outfitters
Robot collection - Friends
Pegasus art - Skullphone
Turkey claw - Paxton Gate
Ghost antlers - Erich Ginder

Polar bear bust - Made by us
Mirrors - Bed, Bath and Beyond
San Francisco poster - ORK
Wardrobe and white boxes - Ikea
Wooden box and the Seahorse - Thrifted
Art above the entrance - various Etsy artists, us, a great photo is great-grandfather, Victor in the movie "The Great Train Robbery"
Ice skates - Urban Ore

Wooden boxes, spheres, Russian nesting dolls, cast-iron pig, Joan of Arc snowball - All thrifted
Skeleton - Holidays in Tijuana
Skeleton diorama - crazy / La Luz de Jesus Gallery
A woman with blue eye shadow art - Old Chola
Apron - Urban Outfitters
Trash, watering can, light rail and magnetic knife rack - Ikea
Cafe curtains - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Swan planter, fan and clay owl - Ebay
Charcoal drawing - About Us
Dining set - Gift

Office space:
Shelves, boxes, appliances, lamps, file cabinet and wooden boxes - Ikea
Table - CB2
Chairs - Gift
Headphones - Ebay

Cabinet - Objective
Shower curtains - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Towels - Ikea
Art - Made by us

Enter House Tour

(Thanks, Rhiannon and Victor!)

Images: Susie Nadler and Victor Obeck
Interested in sharing your home Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our house Tour Registration form.

* San Francisco
* Susie Nadler
* 11 August 2009 10:45 PM
* Comments: 43

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info desain rumah minimalis

- Desain Arsitektur Rp 23.000 / m2
- Layanan gambar Rp 50000 / LBR A3
- Jasa Kontraktor
- Layanan dari IMF
Hub: 0816994415 / 92483835
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Yang terbaik di Lline Arsitektur
Cari sponsor barang dan jasa untuk arsitek | Beranda Designer | Interior Designer | Dan lagi ...

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tips cara menentukan rencana membangun rumah

Dalam rangka membangun sebuah rumah untuk ditinggali Akan pembangunan rumah atau keluarga Anda ideal untuk investasi / bisnis properti, ia harus diperhatikan bahwa:

Tema rumah yang akan dibangun
Bayangan yang telah diketahui, seperti apa rumah nanti? reflections atau pemikiran - pemikiran yang akan disampaikan kepada arsitek untuk casting dalam bentuk rumah desain.

Pilih yang sesuai Arsitek
Pemilihan dari seorang arsitek yang dapat membaca pikiran Anda, bayangkan sebuah rumah yang akan dibangun persis seperti apa yang ada dalam pikiran.

Penuangan ide dalam bentuk NYATOH
Ide dan mimpi sebelum Akhan dan dituangkan dalam bentuk rumah desain oleh arsitek tim dan akan dituangkan ke formulir yang tepat untuk membangun jalan di dalam rumah yang berada di wilayah sediakan.

Arsitektur yang mampu merancang, membangun rumah, hati-hati, dengan cepat dan dengan bantuan tim terprogram komprehensif, seperti: Tukang Bangunan, inspektur, arsitek bekerja di bidang profesional, semangat dan fokus pada proyek.

Bangunan dengan serius
Ada yang kuat hubungan antara internal pelanggan dengan Bangun Rumah. Ada keinginan, gairah yang menggelora di bangunan rumah, hubungan komunikasi yang baik, bersama sesuai dengan peraturan yang berlaku, keakuratan yang sedang berlangsung, sehingga dalam rumah yang benar output - yang benar dan nilai maksimal.
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PERUMAHAN DI KOTA jogja Minimalis


FOTO DI MODEL FOR ONLY SO SUDAH. Rumah yang dibangun di atas 80% Jadi, sejak Advertise. Kira-kira 1 Bulan lebih lengkap. SPESIFIKASI: LT201m2, LB100m2, SHM, Hadap selatan, 3KT, 2km, RT, R Kel, Dapur, Garasi, hal depan. Lokasi: Selatan Amplas, Pinggir jalan aspal, mobil penyimpanan, strategis, akses mudah. HARGA: RP 490 JUTA (NEGO) CONTACT PERSON: ISMONO Marwan 08122637159, 0.274,6514342 E-Mail: