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House Tour Rhiannon Smith & Victor Obeck

House Tour


Name: Rhiannon Smith & Victor Obeck
Location: Hayes Valley, San Francisco
Size: 501 square feet
Years lived in: Almost 2 years, the lease

Rhiannon and Victor's apartment is not what you might expect the home to a few college students to look. But two of them, who are both transferred to San Francisco State in the fall, when it decided to moved to its Hayes Valley edwardian walk-up that is going to be special. Efficiency in LA, where lived together before he was apparently so small that even considered a "real" apartment. So you have treated this as his first, to the decorative style and love, and is beautifully maintained, even if the economy, jobs and go to school ...


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Rhiannon and Victor spot is perfect example of how with a little imagination, you can triumph over the challenges of the tenant is a small space. Their apartment is a good "bones"-the third floor of the Edwardian, the huge windows provide a beautiful light-but-eighties era renovation left with a bland and dull kitchen wall-to-wall carpet. Amazingly, though, one hardly notice these things, because the improvements made Rhiannon and Victor are so lively and well-conceived.

The layout of the main room is such that it feels as well as several rooms in one, with charming nooks for reading or kicking back with a guitar. Throughout the apartment, as well-curated art conveys a strong sense of a few is a bit dark, but also whimsical, aesthetic. A stern-faced papier-mass polar bears gāzes from above the door. Collection refined robots parades down policy. A vase in the shape of George Washington head of germ Wildflowers. It goes without saying that the home was filled with objects of love, of course, including a pair of cute pooch, Mayo, which maintains its sunny horns as its own.

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AT Survey:

Our Style: Boho with morbid curiosity.

Inspiration: The Haunted Mansion at Disney World is the first place I (Rhiannon), and I remember saying, "I want to live here!" Growing up in rustic farmhouse also shape my aesthetic soon. Today we are both inspired by San Francisco Victorian architecture, imagination, what was in the past and future.

Favorite Element: Being on the third floor. In the vein on the first floor of an apartment building, I can not stress how important it is to be several stories up. Even the cutest apartment can be a nightmare if you have a lot of light, is afraid to let the window open and have no opinion.

Greatest Challenge: With some work, such as carpets, linoleum and unattractive kitchen.

What people say: "It's so clean!" "It's so grown up!" "That's fine." In fact, our friends the impression that we have time and effort into our surroundings.

The biggest blunder: Kitchen-because we are renters, there simply is not anything we can do with him.

Proudest DIY: A tie between the papier-mass polar bears bust and hard-wiring its own light!

The biggest benefit: Our art collection.

Best advice: Be patient and hold to the view that you really love.

Inspiration: ACE Hotel and Wes Anderson video files.

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Main room:
Shelves and baskets - Objective
Dressers, milk crates and faeces - Dumpster finds
Cabinet - Urban Ore
Shoe form, medicine bottles, George Washington, and school chairs - Thrifted
Eames chair and pouf - Ebay
Chairs with cushions - DWR
Curtains, lights, bamboo, bed, and a few baskets and boxes - Ikea
Russian nesting dolls, clocks, jewelry, boxes, carpet, a few pillows and bedding - Urban Outfitters
Robot collection - Friends
Pegasus art - Skullphone
Turkey claw - Paxton Gate
Ghost antlers - Erich Ginder

Polar bear bust - Made by us
Mirrors - Bed, Bath and Beyond
San Francisco poster - ORK
Wardrobe and white boxes - Ikea
Wooden box and the Seahorse - Thrifted
Art above the entrance - various Etsy artists, us, a great photo is great-grandfather, Victor in the movie "The Great Train Robbery"
Ice skates - Urban Ore

Wooden boxes, spheres, Russian nesting dolls, cast-iron pig, Joan of Arc snowball - All thrifted
Skeleton - Holidays in Tijuana
Skeleton diorama - crazy / La Luz de Jesus Gallery
A woman with blue eye shadow art - Old Chola
Apron - Urban Outfitters
Trash, watering can, light rail and magnetic knife rack - Ikea
Cafe curtains - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Swan planter, fan and clay owl - Ebay
Charcoal drawing - About Us
Dining set - Gift

Office space:
Shelves, boxes, appliances, lamps, file cabinet and wooden boxes - Ikea
Table - CB2
Chairs - Gift
Headphones - Ebay

Cabinet - Objective
Shower curtains - Bed, Bath and Beyond
Towels - Ikea
Art - Made by us

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(Thanks, Rhiannon and Victor!)

Images: Susie Nadler and Victor Obeck
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