Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waterstudio1 green

Dutch Waterstudios Rise Along sea level

Waterstudio1 green
Here's a look at housing in the future. Do not run the risk of catastrophic damage as a change in sea level, just design housing that floats. Waterstudio designer Koen Olthius from Holland, where the management level of the sea for centuries thought of him. He came with a very innovative ideas. All swam residential complex.

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His solution is prefabricated modules for the entire town of floating roads and 60 luxury apartments with parking. Units will be built on a small area, which makes the apartment complex to reach the density of 30 units per acre of water. Outside each apartment is a terrace garden and the complex will include greenhouses.

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From within each apartment, there are views of the water. But it's not just looks. Cool water from the depths of the lake, which will be used to cool the interior temperature of the complex, which helps to save up to 25% more energy than conventional buildings on the land.

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World's first floating apartment complex, stronghold, makes it possible to live on the water and use it for energy, as well.

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