Sunday, July 6, 2008

Modern Prefab directory

A Modern Prefab directory -
FlatPak House - a modern prefab FlatPak by.
FlatPak house FlatPak
More than prefabricated houses
Latest adds: Jeriko House.PieceHomes.E cube Prefab.

More ... is a repertory of modern style catalogue of prefabricated houses. We provide information, images, data model and contact information for a large number of prefabricated houses the newest and their modern minialist home design.

1. Sailing Home 26 different models prefabricated modern designers in one place.
2. View images, specifications, information and details for more than 50 different homes.
3. Read the original content in 'Prefab see "- now: An interview with the architect Charlie Lazor on FlatPak New!
4. Browse a selection of newspaper articles in our archives.

Being Green! Building a house pre-fab is Earth Friendly. Prefabrication techniques to reduce waste, improve manufacturing and construction efficiency, and generally include durable materials and energy efficiency. What else can you do?

1. Use less energy and reduce CO2 emissions - on foot, by bicycle, use public transportation, driving a car, energy-efficient use less energy at home (lighting, appliances and HVAC systems, insulation, use less).
2. Recycle - consumables and biodegradable waste, recycling of consumer goods (clothes, car donation, electronics recycling).

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