Sunday, May 24, 2009

Instructions for desgn girl room


Step 1

, clothes and ornaments can use or repurpose to match your new design. The measures for calculating the space you have left for new pieces.
Step 2

Choose a new color of the walls, it will meet the taste and personality. To co-ordinate with the existing floor (if you plan recarpet or add a large area rug), and the shadow of her that she will tire quickly.
Step 3

Find bedding and decorative objects give the "issue" in the room. Consider ideas such as "day on the beach," "Flower Power" and "Teenage Paradise", or simply decorate your favorite colors. Buy window treatments, accents, chair covers, lighting and wall coverings to complete the look.
Step 4

Visit the boards to reduce pinholes in the paint. Encourage her to use to view the magazine clippings, photos, images, school bands and decal, memorabilia and pictures of friends from school, concerts and tours.
Step 5

Buy cubbies, desk trays, baskets and linen closet to organize and police to keep dirty clothes, stuffed animals, trinkets and paperwork from piling up and cluttering the new space.
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