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8 Your Modern Furniture Care Tips

Architect Jakarta: 8 Your Modern Furniture Care Tips

12. December 2008 architectjakarta
Architect Jakarta

Architect Jakarta

Modern furniture has always been, we want our homes are Decor. They are both stylish and functional and therefore worth the purchase. Since we want these items are the last in our homes, we need to ensure that they are maintained very well. In addition, cleaning tips, the modern furniture needs care to keep them in pristine condition.

Here are eight ideas on how to take care of your modern furniture at home.

Protective measures

Modern furniture should be protected at all times. When you sit on your sofas or table, put the drink to ensure you have the furniture from spills and stains. You can use it effectively Coasters or cloth pads, which can catch the dirt and water can be saved and modern furniture from the damaged items.

Rotate Your Modern Furniture

One good idea in order to maintain the condition of your modern furniture is given to them. This means it must be carried from one place to another. For example, you can turn your sofas are different angles, so that the "most used" part of the furniture is placed, the area where it can be used less. You have to rotate them in such a way that is not used in the same spot all the time.

Avoid Sunlight

Under the influence of the sun could be a person or other manifestations of sunburns. In modern furniture, the sun can be equally damaging effects. Easily fade in color, furniture, and are often exposed on the basis of the duration of the Sun's rays.

Extremes of temperature

Extremes of temperature can also be a loss for any other reason. You must place your modern furniture items from the air condition units or heaters so that they do not get exposed to different temperature all the time.

Furniture Cleaning

Modern furniture needs regular cleaning. You can wipe them clean of dust or a piece of cloth. Special Cleanser also designed to clean, modern furniture items of different materials. You can buy these products and to maintain the cleanliness of your modern furniture.

Avoid Rough Spots

If you drag the object around its modern furnishings is surely necessary to avoid the rough spots, which may cause injury. Always put them in easily and a lot of precaution, then you can be sure that a well-maintained, modern furniture items.

Frequent dusting

One good way to care for the objects of modern furniture is to keep them from dust. As much as possible, you can do everyday to prevent dusting dirt from settling the world's most complex parts of the furniture.


Polishing may be necessary for modern furniture items. Polishers are sold on the market, which is intended for the use of modern furniture alone. You may consider purchasing these products, in order to maintain its pristine appeal of modern furniture items.

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