Sunday, December 13, 2009

Contemporary Home

Modern Home / Contemporary Home

Modern dictionary definition is: "Just now. Related to, or characteristic of the present." SunTerra definition: modern house design for today's new homeowners to provide cost-effective, energy efficient, comfortable, healthy, green, sustainable technologies.
Green-Home Design Concepts

In addition to energy efficiency, there is another important element that is unique for all of our designs. Affordable means just that. From the first year, the selected features is to go back more dollars in energy savings than they will be charged per year. Style enhanced through the use of an open design, solariums, earth berming, and low maintenance exterior. Protect against rising energy prices add to your security and your home's future value.

Our commitment is to continuously research and evaluate new products and construction techniques, combining them which we find to be the true value into each new SunTerra design.
Space Efficient Green Homes

The days of bragging about how much you own a house we thought was over. Combining the use of the space in the design of the house is equipped with many years of experience. What is less widely required, then the construction cost is less and less heat loss.

SunTerra trying to make the best use of space in a design by:

* Create an open floor plan design (removing the wall as much as possible).
* Develop traffic patterns to reduce the space requirement.
* Obtain the use of space where appropriate (more than one function per area).
* Use a wall radius to increase traffic flow and create a larger appearance.
* Use the interior volume with no wasted space available.
* Statue interior with built in furniture, lighting, etc.
* Choose a well-insulated exterior wall systems that do not eat the interior space because of excessive thickness.


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