Sunday, October 5, 2008

Duplex apartment building designed

A raft
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Duplex apartment building designed for a corner lot with maximum privacy for both parties! Each party has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a spacious living / kitchen area to calculate the length! Carport on each side of life extends to the area outside the room. The basic plan comes with a slab-on-grade foundations, stucco walls and outside the hip / Gable roof.

The structure is 81'-0 "wide and 33'-0" depth, but many can be placed in the 33'-0 "side facing the main road.

SQUARE footage:
A raft
Living: 905 Sq. Ft.
Piazza: 30 Sq. Ft.
Carport: 234 Sq. Ft.
U.B. TOTAL: 1,169 Sq. Ft duplex B
Living: 798 Sq. Ft.
Piazza: 30 Sq. Ft.
Carport: 258 Sq. Ft.
U.B. TOTAL: 1,086 Sq. Ft

TOTAL IN block: 2,255 Sq. Ft

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